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You may be wondering, why you should be sharing content on social media such as videos, motivational posts, images and your expertise? We have been asked this question a lot of times:  
           "Why should I raise my profile?"

You see, the more visible you become, the more opportunities you attract to you and your business and the more you are featured in the press, the easier it is for you to close business deals because people will trust you more. People who are featured in the media become known as "experts" in their field.

Think of all the entrepreneurs you know but never met: Richard Branson, Peter Jones, James Caan, etc.
Why do you know them? Because they are on tv, radio and newspapers all the time, so you "think" you know them, therefore, you immediately trust them. This is the power of the media.  
We have placed a lot of our members in the media and helped them to raise their profiles. Read some of the stories below and if you'd like to become a member, check all the membership plans.


carol mann.png

Carol was the first entrepreneur to join the club. She runs two businesses We get Digital and Women on the Web.  High Profile Club assisted Carol and WOW with their business party launch and the creation of her national report. Since joining the club she has been featured over 20 times in the media. Carol's personal love story with her husband also became news worldwide after she was featured in the Daily Mail, Carol has also won awards and has been listed as an expert in two reports about tech trends 2019 and 2020.

Need a website? Connect with Carol on Linkedin.

Tommie is a Nigerian powerhouse.

Since joining the club she has been featured in Forbes, was on the cover of High Profile Magazine, she was invited to be a speaker at the G20 in Argentina, she was featured in the Institute of Directors website and Youtube channel featured in TechRound, and was a finalist for the Lloyds National Business Awards. in 2019 Tommie was on the UK Financial Times List "Top 100 Most Influencer BAME

Leaders in Tech".

Need help with graphic design and branding? Connect with Tommie on Linkedin.



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