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Why Video Marketing is the Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing is our present and future of marketing. In my latest blog post, I discussed the importance of content, in its ability to create a positive brand reputation. Video and marketing go together like cheese and wine🍷, tea and biscuits ☕️, dough balls and garlic butter 🧄…you get the point. Video slots directly into your digital marketing campaign, which in the current climate, with the majority of the world spending even more time online, is more important than ever. So, why therefore is video the way forward?

Let’s cut to the chase and dive straight in ⤵

Why Video?

For starters, people simply love video. It is versatile, engaging, and entertaining. It is easy to digest, share on multiple channels, and is the perfect tool for marketeers as it guarantees huge return on investment. The great thing about video is that it’s so easy to consume that even your laziest of buyers will see your product/service in action.

Have a read of this article on Boosted, demonstrating the perks of video marketing. 💭

The versatility of video allows you to:

• Educate: you can include instructions, explanations of your product/service, and customer support information.

• Influence: showcasing interviews with influencers and industry leaders will create exposure for your business, and entice other guest experts to engage with your product/company. Interviews also convert nicely into podcasts and short radio series.

• Personalise: different social media channels, such as Instagram, allow you to create live video streams, which enables you to put a face to the name of your brand and engage with your audience.

• Research: brand ambassadors often create product reviews in exchange for free gifts and merchandise. This kind of advertising boosts your business’s social media presence, and promotes conversation and market research.

Have a read of my colleague Trevor’s article, discussing types of video marketing for small businesses, to gain some extra detail. 💭

Let’s take a look at the stats:

IMPACT noted that:

🔸 75 million people watch online videos every day in the US alone.

🔸 More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.

🔸 95% of viewers retain a message when they watch it in video form.

Forbes, in a discussion of how small businesses are using video marketing, stated that:

🔸 Internet users consume up to 16 hours of digital video per week

🔸 71% of B2B marketers are using video in their content marketing campaign, with 81% of total businesses investing their time in video.

Suitably shocked by these statistics and how much time we spend watching videos? Me too. It goes to show that in today’s time-starved society, that video is inescapable, your audience is after information which is quick, informative, and easy to the eye.

Why does your business need video marketing?

1. Video helps to build trust with your audience.

Trust is at the foundation of all sales. As Mark Schaefer, of Schaefer marketing solutions

stated, ‘the new era demands a focus on ignition, not just content, on trust…and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your content’. Video engages emotions, demonstrates individuality, and cements long term relationships with your customer base.

2. Video boosts conversions and sales

90% of consumers claim that a video will help them within their decision process to invest in a business or product. After all, vision is our dominant sense, so as humans we naturally engage with video content. 👀 Videos entice conversions by building curiosity for the user. Ending on a cliff-hanger will drive people to your website.

Quick Tip: asking a question in your video or teasing the content will encourage viewers to head towards your website.

3. SEO

Did you know that aside from Google, YouTube is the second most popular website globally? By producing videos for your brand's marketing channel, you could gain numerous opportunities and customers daily. It also does wonders for your SEO as Google loves videos. Within Moovly's advice on video marketing for Startups, they stated that you’re 53 times more likely to show up on Google if you have video embedded on your site. By optimising your videos on YouTube with titles, descriptions, links to your website and tags, your videos could easily become one of your primary marketing tool.

Videos also encourage social shares. Social media and email campaigns have made it easier than ever to share content, so by creating fun videos, your brand could easily be transported around the world. Have a read of these killer video tips.

4. Appeals to mobile users

Now, this is a big plus, as 90% of consumers watch video footage on their phones. Google stated that smartphone users are twice as likely than TV viewers, to feel connected and entrusted to a brand after watching video footage on their phones. Video marketing thus advocates a credible relationship between your business, and an ever expanding audience.

win win...

So, why is video marketing the future?

It is clear to see that video is a crucial part of content marketing, the stats say as much! But it goes beyond statistics, in a time wherein handshakes and face-to-face meetings are scarce, it is essential that we find other methods of evoking trust. Videos induce credibility and a positive reputation for your business. People consume video more than any other type of content, and also tend to purchase services after watching. It is safe to say that video marketing is our future, so get creating!

Fancy a head start? Why not have a read of our '5 Engaging Video Content Types that People Love to Watch'


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About the Author:

Evie is a published writer, living and working in London. She’s a PR Assistant and Copywriter at GuidedPR. She holds a BA Hons in History from Royal Holloway and has accordingly worked within the culture sector and legal industry. You’ll usually find her scribbling down words in a coffee shop with a flat white in hand.

Find Evie on LinkedIn.

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