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What Type Of Content Creator Are You? A Visual Guide To Your Copywriting Identity

The art of creating content, it's sometimes a lot harder then it looks; you need to take account of your audience, how you want to be perceived, the message you are trying to get across and much more...

On top of this, before you can create any content, you must first question yourself on what type of content you wish to create; it could be a list, infographic, video, or maybe a blog post like this one.

But what if creating content were like your love life, and there were some people who were better matched for one kind of content over another?

If that were the case, the more important question to ask might be: what kind of content creator am I?

Identifying what type of content creator you and the members of your team are, can help you when creating your editorial calendar as you can make a more informed decision on who writes what.

So, without further ado, here are 8 different content creator types and 8 lots of indicators to help you figure out which creator type you might be.

The Teacher 🤓

We all know a teacher type... you know, the person back in school who would finish all their work and then move onto teaching others to support them in completing their tasks.

A teacher enjoys well... teaching; they take delight in helping others and can easily break down an idea or task so that it is straightforward for others to understand.

They pay attention to detail as they carefully select the best words, exercises, worksheets, and illustrations so that their students can achieve a little success at each level so that they can gain confidence and persevere to the end.

Here are some signs that you might be a teacher:

👉You enjoy writing step-by-step articles

👉You maintain help or FAQ documentation

👉Your headlines often start with “How To”

👉You like to show other people how to do things

The Insider 👫

An insider is someone who has the ability to reveal hidden secrets and inner workings of something. It always just so happens that they are the only people to have the access and understanding of a topic, making them undeniably qualified to be the one to discuss it.

This content creator frequently helps to explain concepts that may be new or confusing.

Signs you might be an insider:

👉The industry you work in is a niche

👉You share what your company is doing to outsiders

The Outsider 🧐

An outsider is that naïve person who annoyingly always has a dozen of questions to ask.

They often question authoritative and power figures, usually in an attempt to test their mettle

and to see if their content can reach depth even outside the division they reside in. Or, sometimes they actually have no clue on the subject and simply want to find out more.

Signs you might be an outsider:

👉You ask a lot of questions, especially "Is that really true?" when reading content

👉Your content often proves other content creators wrong

The Expert 🧠

Experts are expected to know almost everything, well in their niche that is. People often turn to the expert for advice.

Their expertise often comes from a vast history in that industry and it is sometimes difficult for them to get their point across, as they forget that not everybody has the same amount of knowledge as them!

Signs you might be an expert:

👉It is easy for you to write long blog posts and articles

👉You find that you write from your head and don't require to partake in any research

👉You use your own anecdotes in your writing from your past experience

👉Content marketers often quote your content

The Newbie 🤷‍♂️

Now you know who the expert is, I can best describe the newbie as the polar opposite. They will have only just started their journey as a content creator, so they know very little about the industry and the content that they are creating.

Signs you might be a newbie:

👉You regularly find yourself googling what a word that you read online means

👉Your content consists of copywriting other peoples work

👉You tend to talk about how you started as a content creator and what you hope to achieve

The Observer 👀

The observers do just that… they observe from a distance and take notes. 👁️✍️

This content creator normally writes with a bird’s eye view kind approach, and they have the ability to provide a much bigger picture than those on the inside.

Signs you might be an observer:

👉Your posts are often shorter than 1000 words

👉You introduce a lot of new topics or concepts to your audience

👉Normally your writing is in third person

The Cryptographer 😎

A cryptographer is typically very knowledgeable on a subject but chooses to reveal information slowly and with vagueness. They are well informed on the industry but are often busy people so would rather save their best content for when it suits them.

Signs you might be a cryptographer:

👉One of your first thoughts when creating content is "How will I convert readers?"

👉You don't reveal anything worth knowing too quickly or without a price

👉You hide your key pieces of information behind a paywall or subscription