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What Is Branded Content?

According to Cyberclick, branded content is a marketing technique that involves creating content that is directly linked to a brand, therefore allowing consumers to easily connect the content with the brand. An article by Mission on expands on this definition by describing branded content as content which does not involve traditional advertising. It basically comprises of things like podcasts, articles, and videos, and it’s purpose is to encourage the reader to engage with the brand.📹🎙

Branded content can be incredibly effective if done correctly, as StudioBinder tells us. It makes a change from the standard sale pitch that we often find in marketing, as it engages the consumer through the use of emotion or entertainment, making the audience far more likely to remember it and want to get involved with the brand.

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Cualit say that although branded content has been around for many years, it has significantly increased in relevance and popularity with the rise of digital media, given that it fits in perfectly with the dynamics of social media marketing.📈📈

A post by Content Marketing Institute tells us that according to a USC Annenberg survey, 74.5% of communications professionals rely on branded content in their campaigns, and 67% project that theirs or their clients’ spending on branded content will increase in the next 12 months. So clearly, it must be worth using branded content in your marketing strategy, right?

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Firstly, it focuses on brand values rather than focusing on the products or services offered by a brand. Despite the fact it may feature some of the products or services, it is mostly based on showing the audience what the brand is like as a whole.📇📇

The second major characteristic of branded content is that it aims to create a conversation around the brand it is promoting. Rather than directly seeking sales, it is hoping to generate a buzz around the brand that will stick around and encourage people to continue engaging with the brand over a longer period, rather than just buying one product and forgetting all about the business as a whole.

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Another main characteristic of branded content is that it wants to generate added value for the user. Branded content wants to create content that consumers will actually be interested in, rather than presenting a direct sales pitch which may be forgettable and far less engaging. It aims to involve users in the experience, to entertain them and provoke an emotional reaction in them. Using emotions as a persuasive technique is something which has been done over and over again, and that’s the aim of branded content – to get the audience to connect with the brand on a more personal level.🤝🤝

Branded content uses storytelling to get its message across. It basically seeks to tell a story about the brand to the consumer, and to use that story to encourage the consumer to then engage with the brand. It’s a more subtle form of marketing, but it definitely has been shown to have its merits.

It can be presented across a variety of different formats, making it an effective way of getting your brand message out there in a quick and widespread manner. As mentioned earlier, it can take any form from articles to videos, podcasts to events. These can also be combined to increase the reach of any one piece of branded content. It can also be shared on a variety of different platforms, including social media, blogs, and the brand’s website, meaning it can be viewed by any number of people across all of these platforms.💻📱

In summary, if you’re looking for a way of marketing your brand in a non-invasive, entertaining, and emotionally provoking way, then branded content might be the right route for you – give it a go, we’re sure you’ll get great results!

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