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Top 10 Tech News Editors You Should Follow

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity – Albert Einstein.

Technology is the process of imagination being put into reality. Every new tech innovation once started with an idea. If there is one thing that is common among Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or any other tech maniac - is that they all are driven by ideas. One wanted to change the population's lifestyle, one wanted every individual to have access to computers, and the other wanted to make Mars a place to live. All of these big names wanted one thing - and that is to change the world. ✨✨

So let us look into the people who have made a lasting impression in the field of technology, who publishes new ideas, innovations and stories to the wider public. We have selected the top tech journalists, whose expertise and love of technology has made them world-famous.

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So in no particular order, let me present the top 10 tech news editors. 🙂🙂

Steven Levy

Source: Wikipedia

Steven Levy is the guru of tech subjects. A writer and editor for Wired, Levy is an expert in computers, technology, cryptography, the internet, cybersecurity and privacy. He won the Computer Press Association Award in 1998 and has been writing about technology for 30 years. Levy has had unprecedented access to Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg and wrote a book called Facebook: The Inside Story. His latest article for Wired, is Mark Zuckerberg Is an Arbiter of Truth-Whether he Likes It or Not.

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Arielle Pardes

Source: Techfestival

Arielle Pardes is a senior writer for Wired and a former senior editor for VICE. Being a gadgets and gizmos fanatic, Pardes works on various stories around technology and their role in our daily lives. She is an active writer of topics like Silicon Valley, startups and the business of technology. Her highest-shared article is The Style-Quantifying Astrophysicists of Silicon Valley.

Brad Moon

Source: Twitter

Brad Moon is a freelance tech columnist and writer for magazines like Forbes, Wired, Shaw Media, The New Yorker, and USA Today. His focus is largely on technology, gadgets and electronics, reviewing consumer technology gadgets for famous media companies. He has been a tech writer for more than a decade and is an original member of the award-winning GeekDad blog. His article Do You Still Need A Waterproof Case For Your iPhone 11? touched nearly 1k views on Forbes.

Rory Cellan-Jones

Source: Press Gazette

Nicolas Rory Cellan-Jones is a BBC News’ technology correspondent and has been now writing about technology for over 20 years. He is expanding the BBC’s coverage of new media and telecoms, and the cultural impact of the internet. He has evaluated the growth and rise of tech giants like Google and Wikipedia. His publications include Patently Absurd, The Secret History of Social Networking and Dot.Bomb: The Rise and Fall of Britain.

Casey Newton

Source: Hunter Walk

Casey Newton is the Silicon Valley Editor for tech website The Verge and is the primary source of tech news for the website. Newton reports on people and products coming into the market as well as innovations shaping the future of technology and culture. He has been a tech journalist for almost 20 years now. He also runs his daily newsletter, The Interface, which talks about social media and democracy. His article In leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook against critics, competitors, and Elizabeth Warren gained a lot of attention.

Alexia Bonatsos

Source: Wikipedia