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The launch of HIGH PROFILE CLUB Leeds

WOW! The launch of HIGH PROFILE CLUB in Leeds blew us all away. We had no idea what to expect, launching the club so far from where it was born. However, with such a beautiful venue, fantastic keynote speakers and a full house, we all left with warm hearts and huge smiles.

Launching HIGH PROFILE CLUB in Leeds

After such a successful six months of existing in London, it was time we started offering the benefits of the club to more people. When we launched HIGH PROFILE CLUB for the very first time in London, we crossed paths with Linda Sage. After she became a member she was keen to become fully involved with the club, to which she is now the Director of HIGH PROFILE CLUB in Leeds. Linda is an International resilience and self care expert, speaker, writer, trainer and mentor, with over 30 yrs experience of helping individuals care for themselves as much as they care for others. Linda helps raise awareness, understanding and prevention of emotional, psychological and physical burnout and guides her clients in learning to say no, and resetting their mindset to value themselves as much as others.

We are excited and honoured to have Linda as part of the team and are sure we will achieve great things together. ‘Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved’ – Mattie Stepanek.

HIGH PROFILE CLUB’S secret venue

When touring Leeds to find the perfect venue for our club to host monthly events at, we stumbled across Aspire, and yes, it was perfect! We loved the historic feel of the building with its large wooden doors, golden architecture and wallpaper that brought so much character. The environment allowed everyone to feel relaxed and less like they were in a business meeting, that feeling that conference rooms usually give you.

Keynote Speakers

Gina Clarke, a journalist, PR and Forbes contributor in Fintech and Cryptocurrency joined us at the launch event and gave a presentation all about social media. She covered her experiences as a journalist and what types of things led to her publishing articles or choosing individuals to interview to be published. Gina also covered the best ways to utilise social media and more specifically how to get journalists attention on social media. As one of the main benefits for members at HIGH PROFILE CLUB is media introductions, it was fantastic to have Gina share her knowledge as a journalist herself and offer advice for all the entrepreneurs in the room as to how they can increase their chances of getting featured.

Richard Davies has a past in sales, B2B Marketing and in January 2017, he launched a start-up tech company that helps people embed new skills and behaviours in just 12 weeks. At the Leeds launch event, Richard gave a fantastic presentation about how he can aid companies to ensure their employees are on track and as a group businesses are achieving their goals in the most effective and efficient way. As a student with not much exposure to different businesses it was very interesting to see how important goal setting is but also how easy it is to fall of track and having someone like Richard to support a company or even just a few employees can reap huge benefits!

Thinking caps on!

One of the best parts about our breakfast events is when we get our clients thinking! This months breakfast in Leeds included a few activities: describe yourself in three words, state what your line of work is and the types of people you are looking for, write a headline for an article you would like to be featured in. It was nice to get people talking and interacting as a group. One thing we are very proud of and value very much at HIGH PROFILE CLUB is our community, and we welcome anyone who wants to join!

The launch of HIGH PROFILE Magazine – Leeds

On 17th September, we launched HIGH PROFILE Magazine in London at the Institute of Directors and it was a damn success to say the least! We had over 100 faces join us at the party and it was great to finally share a project that HIGH PROFILE CLUB had be creating for so long. Even the Queen was there to support us, well, she was there in spirit on the cover of our first Magazine release!!

With such great feedback in Leeds, HIGH PROFILE CLUB will also be launching their magazine in Leeds at the next breakfast event on 16th October. We will also have keynote speakers at the event, as we always do at the breakfast’s! We welcome everyone and anyone so please do join us at a fantastic venue, to eat great food, meet fabulous people and be exposed to some phenomenal content!

Follow the link below to get your ticket to the next event in Leeds! We look forward to meeting you!

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