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Sophie Raworth

Sophie Raworth is a British journalist and broadcaster who has worked for the BBC since 1992.

Raworth was born in Surrey and grew up in Twickenham, West London. She graduated with a degree in French and German at the University of Manchester.

She also studied a postgraduate course in Broadcasting and Journalism at City University, London. Before this, she spent some months teaching English in Toulouse, France. In 2013, Raworth received a Doctor of Arts honoris causa award by City University, London.

Raworth has presented several BBC specials like the Queen's Golden Jubilee, Our Monarchy – the Next 50 Years and Tomorrow's World.

In 2006, she was part of the TV coverage that celebrated the Queen’s 80th birthday, Children's Party at the Palace.

⬆️Image source: Wikipedia, Raworth in Brighton in 2009

In September 2015, she became the main presenter on Watchdog. For the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, she created a documentary called RAF 100: Into the Blue, which talked about her grandfather who was a pilot during WWI.

Raworth's family story was featured on television series Who Do You Think You Are? in 2017. In the programme, Raworth discovers that she was not descended from noted piano maker Henry Isaac Robert Mott as the family had believed, but rather from his cousin, Samuel Mott - who was sacked from the piano company and ended up taking his own life.

Married with three children, Raworth and her family currently reside in London.

Sophie has also participated in several running competitions. To name a few, the London Marathon, all six World Marathon Majors, the Marathon des Sables and a six-day, 251 km ultramarathon in the Sahara Desert.

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