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Masterclass: Using video to promote your business


Masterclass: Using Video to promote your business

by Rebecca Lee on 13th September.

Last night we held our second masterclass; using video to promote your business. The masterclasses are almost a collaboration of the other two monthly events we hold, that being a breakfast and a social event. The breakfast events include keynote speakers and networking while the socials include games and networking. Well, the masterclasses in include keynote speakers, networking and games!

Video is a rich media source and a powerful tool to increase customer engagement. It is important to note that videos are given priority over text and images on Google, so if you are able to produce the right content, you’re more likely to appear on page one!

Using video to promote your business means customers spend longer on your site, you can provide them with more information in a shorter space of time and you are able to offer them an interactive page which increases customer attention, engagement and retention.

I could go on and on about the benefits of using video, including: building trust, appealing to mobile users, advanced product explanations, encouraging social shares and so on.

It is vital to constantly create brand stories that encourage customers to engage with your brand. The problem that many companies face is that they do not know how to create effective videos to entice their audience and increase their engagement and thus sales. Simply adding a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%!

Our masterclass gave guests the opportunity to be in the presence of four speakers who were able to offer specialised advice surrounding everything that goes into creating videos. We had speakers who specialise in journalism and interviewing, pitch writing, how to dress in front of the camera and also methods to get your video out there. It was a very rounded event that offered lots of opportunities to learn and develop skills.


Keren Beaumont

Keren is an award winning Personal Stylist and has worked in the Fashion industry for over 16 years. After becoming Director of Buying at Ralph Lauren by age 30, she decided to launch her own business. She has styled celebrities for red carpet appearances and her advice has been featured in publications such as Grazia and The Times Series.

Keren is an expert in helping people to find their ‘Unique personal style’ and teaching people how to look their best. She understands that first impressions are vital to one’s success and Keren’s workshops and talks leave her audience informed of how to dress to be more effective.

Keren herself as been featured in Fashion AMA,, & Grazia while being a member of HIGH PROFILE CLUB! Keren gave a fantastic speech covering topics such as: grooming advice, the right colours, accessories and fabrics to wear on camera, how to dress to give the right message and more!

Scott Keyser

Scott is a published author, writing skills trainer and bid consultant. Ex-Ernst & Young (now EY) and PricewaterhouseCoopers, he shows professional services firms how to use language to connect with their clients and get the results they seek.

Scott helped Ernst & Young to double its tender win-rate, trained staff of The Economist in writing skills for ten years and has written two books: Winner Takes All on how to win more business, and rhetorica®on persuasive writing. Writing is a life skill and Scott has solved the riddle of how to do it well.

Scott also gave a phenomenal speech covering topics such as: the five elements of a strong elevator pitch, the most underestimated challenge of a memorable elevator pitch, how to vary your pitch and more!

Vanessa Clements

Vanessa has worked in TV production for more than a decade, creating news programmes for national and international broadcasters including her role as the Senior Producer and Programme Editor for ITV, Channel 5 News and Thomson Reuters. Among her roles, she was responsible for creating newscast rundowns, and choosing what stories to broadcast.

Vanessa was out guest speaker for the evening and she gave an intense speech covering topics such as: What to expect when a TV crew comes to your business to film and how to prepare for speaking on camera – from the words you speak to the way you speak them.

What is our next masterclass about?

Our next masterclass will happen on November 21st and the theme is social media!

Let’s imagine, you have an excellent business idea, you invest money in it and you are all ready to start. Now what you need is to find customers, right? Let’s say you opened a shop or a restaurant, people will definitely see it when they pass by, but will they enter? First they will probably try to find your business online. If they don’t find any information about it, it’s too bad. If they find something, it’s a good start. BUT will they be satisfied with what they read or see?

Here comes another question, where do people look for information? The answer is most obvious: social media.

Social media is an excellent tool to help you grow your business to the skies. And, of course, we all understand that just opening a Twitter or LinkedIn page is not enough. You need knowledge and literacy to be able to make social media platforms serve your business. You have a unique opportunity to listen to guest speakers from Linkedin and Instagram. They will share their experiences with you and offer their best tips and tricks. It is an environment in which social media experts will gather together to help you find your place in the world of the Internet.

Get your ticket at the link below:

See you there!

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