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Masterclass: Selling through Public Speaking


Masterclass: Selling through public speaking

By Rebecca Lee on July 26th

Last week we hosted our first masterclass. It was focused all around selling through public speaking and it was great to see so many eager faces keen to learn and become the next Les Brown! Public speaking is an incredibly useful tool to have in life whether it be for work purposes or for building social relationships. The problem many people face with public speaking is a lack of confidence and skills to execute their presentation in a way that engages their audience and sells what they are talking about. The masterclass gave guests the opportunity to develop their knowledge surrounding the importance of public speaking and allowed them to build on skills.

What did guests learn?

How to use public speaking to engage and sell more products/services.

How to write an engaging sales pitch to perform on stage.

How to use credibility to sell

How do deliver with confidence including tone of voice and body language

Guest speakers

We had three fantastic speakers join us yesterday at the the event to give their expert advice, tips and success stories. Each speaker had a diverse topic to talk about which meant guests could learn about all the different areas within public speaking.

Featured: Dan Sainsbury

Dan Sainsbury is a world leading transformational psychologist who uses advanced psychology to help individuals become the happiest and most successful version of themselves. Dan’s speech was quite different to that of the others as his approach was very calm. Guests were asked to take part in an activity that allowed them to control their breathing. This time was used to show guests that when doing public speaking, they should try to always breath as they were in the exercise, calmly.

Dan also covered the three biggest challenges people face when it comes to public speaking: fear, lack of technique and having an incorrect self-image. It was interesting to see that a lot of the audience agreed with Dan and felt that these factors were some of the biggest problems for them. The presentation continued with Dan taking us through his best tips to overcome each fear which guests applauded at the end and said that they did feel very calm.

Featured: Harry Sardinas

Harry Sardinas is the founder of Speakers are Leaders and helps people to become more effective speakers. Harry’s enthusiastic attitude got the crowd chanting back at him and guests felt it was a very hands-on approach. At one point, Harry asked some of the guests to sell him a pen.

This activity showed to be harder than I had imagined. Most guests just stared right back at him and said nothing at all! It was great for Harry to first test people, followed by his own tips and advice on how to answer the question and then give them another attempt to smash it!

Featured: Simon Vincenzi

Simone Vincenzi is known as The Experts Strategist, is the co-founder of GTeX, Forbes and Huffington Post contributor, TEDx speaker, Host of the podcast Explode Your Expert Business and the author of 3 life-changing books. Simone began his presentation by exhibiting his famous didgeridoo and then went on to cover the three ‘deadly mistakes’ people make when it comes to public speaking: no strategy, no speaking training and no framework.

I found Simones presentation very interesting because he gave three different types of sales attempts to make when trying to sell from the stage: application close, relationship close and the get it now close. Simone shared his knowledge surrounding the variety of reactions people have to different methods of selling from the stage which was extremely useful as we had lots of people from different industries, selling different products/services so it was helpful for guests to see which method would suit the individual.

Pitching your own business

At the start of the night, Rafael asked everyone in the room if they were scared of public speaking or not. Of course, only two or three guests raised their hand as they knew that if they did, they would have to stand up and do some public speaking! However, as the night went on it was great to see people gradually feel calmer and more confident in themselves, to the point where they felt strong enough to actually stand up in front of everyone and pitch their business!

Tariq is an upcoming photographer and one day hopes to be a public speaker. Tariq was one of the guests who raised a hand at the start of the event when Rafael asked’ Who is scared of public speaking’. I would personally like to thank the three speakers for their tips as it was really great to see Tariq and other guests come out of their shell and get one step closer to becoming a confident public speaker.

High Profile Club Members

As always, we were very grateful to have our members at our event, to show their support, pitch their business and to give them the opportunity to learn new skills and develop themselves; something we are constantly working towards with them!

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