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Make Your Attendees Feel Part of the Event – The Power of Personalization

Getting your attendees involved in your event will ensure that they stay engaged. A lot fo the time, when people finally get a chance in their week to sit down and take a break, they find themselves falling asleep. The last thing you want at your event is people falling asleep! So ask questions, play some games, invite them onto stage. Do anything to keep your guests engaged and awake!


Personalise EVERYTHING. Whether its an email that gets sent to every attendee, a phone call, a physical invite or even their name tag, make your attendees feel like they are the only one you care about. Give your attendees all the relevant information they need, don’t make them go out of their way trying to find it out. Finally, ensure your event is tailored to the needs of your attendees, this automatically builds the foundation for personalization because they are at an event they want to be.

Take advantage of technology’s grasp on us

At some point in your event, your attendees will go on their phone. Whether it’s to check the time, reply to an email or even to play candy crush, it is going to happen. Jump ahead of the game and engage your audience with mobile questions. This could be for voting, registration or even feedback. Actually asking your attendees to use their phone reduces the chances that they will do so when you need them to pay attention in other ways.

Event content lifetime

Prolong the time that attendees can refer back to your presentations, event info and speaker profiles by uploading the content onto a mobile app. This gives your attendees the opportunity to refer back to things whenever they need to and the chance to read through things while they are on the go. Attendees can also save the information that is relevant to them, adding to personalisation and ease of the whole process. Trust me, you will be thanked very deeply for making your attendees life easier!

Event filters

Giving your customers the opportunity to filter the events they would like to be a part of makes it more personal to them. Moreover, having a ‘suggestions for you’ area within your app/website contributes to building a personalisation effect and encourages guests to check it out because you’ve just saved them loads of time searching. If you really want to get in your attendees good books you can add things such as agendas, speakers websites, meet the team pages and alert guests using push notifications instead of waiting for them to find these materials themselves.

Push Notifications

Keep your guests ‘in the know’ by using push notifications to alert them when new events are booked, new speakers are signed-up or even just as a reminder that the event they have signed up for is in the next few days.


There’s no point running event after event with absolutely no feedback. It’s important to get rid of aspects of your event that aren’t so popular with your attendees and incorporate more of the things that are popular! Requesting feedback through a mobile app is much more convenient than an online questionnaire or email. It is also reduces the chances that your quests don’t really speak their mind because they don’t want to be embarrassed when you find it was them who hated every speaker you had! Feedback will be help you to create fantastic events, don’t shy away from hearing negative opinions. Afterall ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions’ – Ken Blanchard’.

Social Connection

Have a community on Facebook that allows your customers feel like they are part of a group. Post weekly messages here asking your guests to engage with the site and connect with one another. Post photos and create event hashtags for people to create personal stories of their experience. All of this gives your customers the chance to feel like they are part of something.

Why is personalization so valuable?

Personalization is powerful and the difference between having it and not having it can be the difference of a successful business or one that fails very quickly. People like to feel like they belong to something. They want to feel as though they matter the most out of everyone else in the room. While it might seem difficult to make 100 people or even 1000 people feel like they are the only one that matters, it can actually be quite easy. Follow the tips above and we guarantee you customers will feel the power of personalization.

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