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Is PR Worth the Investment?

You might be thinking, ‘of course, GuidedPR thinks PR is worth the investment’, but this isn’t always the case.🤯 There are many different types of PR so it is important to find the right one for you, and sometimes PR might not be worth it…

If the idea of different types of PR is new to you, take a quick read of our other blog post.📋

To get to grips with why PR is worth it for some people and not others, we need to know who the groups of people are that need PR to find success.🏆

Who needs PR?


Celebrities are often the first group of people associated with PR, but as The Standard explores, this is often more about saving an image after a scandal than boosting it.

We’re guessing that not many celebrities are reading this right now, but if you want to know more about why they need a PR team, take a look here.👈

Start Ups/Small Businesses💰

If you’re starting a business or you’re a small business on the rise to success, PR is almost always a good option for you.👍

Whilst you’re focused on maintaining the production of your product/service behind the scenes and keeping customers happy, PR professionals can focus on bringing in new business and getting your name out there. And this doesn’t mean hiring the most expensive and well known PR firm that your business cannot afford.💸

Take it from Forbes:

‘Look for a firm that can create a custom PR program to get your business to the next level.’

And not the firm that looks good on paper. Or don’t look for a firm at all, why not start our free trial today❓

If you’re a small business looking to start your PR journey, learning how to write a successful press release is a great place to start. Follow our tips to get started!

Industry Experts🗣

Whether the industry is sports, healthcare or technology, experts often conduct research and write compelling articles that could help numerous people within their field. But how can they ensure these people are exposed to their expertise? You guessed it, PR.👏

Although someone may be an expert in education technology, this does not mean they have access to multiple renowned publications that would be interested in publishing their work or interviewing them. This is where PR professionals come in. We are the middlemen between the business and the media.🤞

When isn’t PR worth it?

When considering why PR might not be worth the investment, it really is about the investment itself. If you are just starting out with your new business venture and you can barely fund its day-to-day running, then PR should not be your top priority.👎

Journolink suggests PR is a key component of the marketing plan of any small business, and that:

‘Typically, a small business should use about 10% of its marketing budget on the PR element.’

If you’re unsure about the different costs in PR, and whether you are looking for a PR agent, firm, or something different like us, take a look at Spinsucks helpful blog.💭

Aside from the cost of the PR investment (which at GuidedPR shouldn’t be an issue with our 30-day free trial😊), there is only one another limitation to PR.

And that is you.

Although PR professionals are the middlemen between you and your image in the media, this doesn’t mean you can step back and put in no effort to assist the process of getting featured.🚫

The Law Gazette has similarly said that to get the most out of PR it requires...

‘Your help and input – they’ll need to pick your brains and understand often complex material, and develop campaigns on your behalf. If they can’t get hold of you, often in a short time scale and the journalist is waiting, this won’t help any of the relationships – or the results.’

So, in order to decide whether PR is indeed worth it, always consider these factors:

💭 What type of PR do I need?

💭 Is my business ready to invest in PR?

💭 Am I ready to invest my time in PR?