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Improve SEO on Your Blog

Improve SEO on Your Blog

SEO can be hard to understand, even for experienced marketers. If we do know anything about it, it’s mostly through experiments and anecdotes, not large-scale data analysis.

Let me introduce what is SEO. SEO is short for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results.

Now we are going to give you a series of points to follow for improve the SEO of your website.

Add content to your shorter pieces

There is a good chance you have multiple pages on your site that are under 1,000 words (or even lower). There is also a good chance these pages are hovering on page two and lower.

We recommend you find different pages ranking on 11-30 position in Google, you’ll see best results by focusing on pages that rank.

You can use your favourite SEO tool to find these pages. If you find any pages under 1,000 words in length, you can update them with additional content to give them a ranking boost.

Make your content more engaging

The more relevant and engaging pages it can serve up on the first page, the happier its users will be.

Additionally, the lower the bounce rate of a website, the higher its rankings. This is not to say that low bounce rate alone will help you rank higher, but that Google considers bounce rate as a ranking signal. If fewer people bounce off your site, you likely have something good to offer.

On this point, we suggest to use bucket brigades; copywriting techniques for keeping readers interested. You will achieve this using short sentences because are easier to read than long paragraphs and trigger grabs attention.

In addition, human beings are highly visual creatures. Our brains process images much faster than texts so add images throughout the content. It will help you to make easier to read your blog and improves your engagement in three ways:

It helps break down your content into separate sections

It helps to visually illustrate your assertions—the show, not tell approach

It captures the attention of people who scan through a page

Update older content for a quick ranking boost

One way to work around this “freshness” factor is to update your existing posts with fresher content. This way, your older content appears as if it was recently published. You can even tell readers exactly what changes you made to the content with your update. In WordPress, updating your post would change the “Last Updated” date.

Use shorter URLs

Google’s algorithm only takes into account the first four or five words in a URL. Ask yourself, which URL is easier to read? If the URL is so long that it doesn’t even show up completely in the SERPs.

On the other hand, the URL gives you a good idea of the page content so you are interested in show as much as you can in just 4 or 5 words. Shorter URLs aren’t just better for SEO, they’re good for social media as well.

Templatize and outsource your content creation

Creating a large volume of content, however, takes time. You can hire content creators, but competent writers will be expensive, especially if you want content at scale.

One solution is to take advantage of templates and use outsourcing judiciously.

For example, create a template to follow on your posts, show harmony in our blog. This is the key idea, look organized and with an editing criterion. The main benefits of have it could be:

It makes it much easier to make a consistent branding and increase the reputation and authority of your blog.

Immediate recognition: when someone sees an image of your blog you will be recognizing that it is a post from you.

Generate more confidence: by giving a more professional image you will transmit trust and that helps you to sell more. That is what we all want.

Saving time: this is vital. You will save a lot of time in the process and focus on creating new content, which is what you need.

Very easy to update: a template is quick and easy to modify; This is intended for non-designers.

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