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How To Organise An Event For 50 People


How To Organise An Event For 50 People

Welcome to second staff blog post from mi-HUB. Written by Nasila Moussavi, she is the events organiser at mi-HUB.

We all organise events in some way, whether it is a birthday party or a whole wedding. So we all know that planning and organising an event isn‘t really as easy as it sounds.

Most events for around 50 people usually networking based; the topics of these events can be different: either food, drinks and networking these can be events such as a BBQ or a workshop. But the idea of networking and bringing people together never gets lost.

So, how does the process work?

First of all the date, time and location needs to be chosen and have to be safe and booked. After that to give enough time to the people to plan the advertisement and marketing for the event has to start.

Next question is the audience: who is the event for?

Our event for 50 people is public and any one who like can attend.

Catering services have to be contacted and booked for the day.

An Eventbrite page for the event should always be created in the first place before the adverts start, so people can go on it any time and book their tickets.

Next to sending out emails with all the information with an attached visible invite. Enough content needs to be prepared for different communications channels such as Social Media, websites or E-Mail marketing. On Social Media of course there will be tweets and posts mentioning and reminding the people of the event. Another possibility is also to post a little advert into different groups on different Social Media platform to reach more people and communities. It is very important to always post the link of the Eventbrite, so people can go directly on the link and get their tickets. Don’t forget the call to action in your tweets and posts, so the audience gets connected to your message.

Chasing up your contacts is also a very important part of the planning. Business clients etc have very hectic lifestyles and may forget about the event, so it is always good to remind them by sending another catch up email or even a phone call afterwards. A call creates also a more personal relationship with the invited person.

On the day of the event itself there is a lot to do. The events organiser should be at the venue a few hours before the event starts to have enough time to organise and set up the location. The venue has to be decorated, the catering company will need to have a briefing and also the team helping out during the event.

Once people start arriving at the venue as an events organiser you have to greet and welcome your guests and also make sure they are feeling comfortable by showing them the venue. During the event of course it is the main job to make sure everything is running well and your guests are having a good time.

As soon as possible after the event (best is two days after) a feedback form should be send out to all people attended, so things can be improved for the next event.

Organising an event can be one of the most stressful but most rewarding task in business; when your guests enjoy themselves and thrive at your event this puts you in high regard in their opinions and can mean a better business future for you.

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