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How Public Relations Helps Build Goodwill

Public Relations is essential to building goodwill as it combines the reputation and promotion of you and your business.

But to understand what goodwill is, you need to understand PR itself, because it is a huge part of what Public Relations comes down to. So here is one of our other GuidedPR blogs explaining what PR is if you need a refresher.

Now, you might be thinking that giving you a definition of goodwill is even more ridiculous, but goodwill can refer to various things, so it has a specific meaning relating to Public Relations.

👉 The definition of goodwill on Merriam Webster Dictionary is:

‘The favour or advantage that a business has acquired especially through its brands and its good reputation’

However, Ripley PR has also summarised goodwill in PR asnon-material assets that can break your company or push it to the heights’. This essentially means that your business's, and your, reputation has so much significance that it can be built to unfathomable levels of success. Or, if neglected, it can cause the complete loss of your company...

If you’re still lost, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a good way to come to grips with what goodwill means when it comes to the fragility of your company’s image. Take a look at PRMR for more.🔍

Goodwill comes in all shapes and forms, but it all comes down to how much coverage a company is getting in the media. So here are 3 ways PR can build goodwill to make this nice and easy for you:

1) Employee treatment ❤️

This may seem unusual as your relationship to your employees is not exposed to the world, but if you’ve got nothing to hide then why keep it hidden? This is why media coverage is essential, and that’s where PR specialists like us come in! Want to know more about what we do? Look no further!

In fact, such great treatment of your workers could even get you featured in Forbes, as Microsoft did, because of their ‘adoption benefits, daycare services, and assistance to parents with special needs children.’ 🙌👏

2) Customer satisfaction 😊

This means thinking outside of the box by offering giveaways, going above and beyond to reconcile mistakes, or even using Twitter to provide customer support in a friendly and comedic way!

Follow in these businesses footsteps and your customer service could get you featured by Twitter themselves!

3) Personal/company profile 🏆

This is the more direct media coverage of you and your company, but that doesn’t mean simply promoting your products and services, you can do better than that. This means giving interviews to help other small business owners or working with a charity organisation to give back to the community.

How you build goodwill can depend on the method of PR you use, take a look here to read our quick and easy guide to each.

You may be a firm believer that any media is good media, but this isn’t true when it comes to building you and your company’s reputation. 🥇

Don’t just take it from us, take it from MetamorphicPR who wrote on their blog:

‘Maintaining goodwill is an important part of how PR affects a business’s success because at a time of negativity a company’s value may decrease, [and] its profits and sales may decrease [too].’ 💸

But, by following just a few of these tips on using PR for goodwill, your positive public image could lead to…

🚩 Increasing your social media following – meaning new potential customers!

🚩 Gaining new business partners or investors.

🚩 Overall growth and success of your business over time.

If all of this sounds great to you, or if you think you’ve successfully built goodwill already, let us take this to the next level by finding you opportunities to be featured in the media.

Start creating compelling content to share with journalists and on your social media channels. Try for 30 days for free! Sign up with one click!

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