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How PR Helps Your SEO Ranking

If you’re creating online content, then you probably already work towards improving your SEO. But did you know that PR could improve your ranking?🥇 Boosting your business is often about knowing the right people, and if you know someone in PR, they will know everyone you need to help your SEO ranking.

In order to understand how PR can help with your SEO ranking, we first need to understand what the two things are individually.

What is PR?

PR, or Public Relations, is all about persuasion and communication. It involves maintaining public image, promoting content and generally increasing audience engagement with any client’s business or profile.📸

For more on what we PR professionals actually do, take a look at our helpful post.👈

What is SEO?

Google Support offers a guide on SEO, and they define it as:

‘Search engine optimization (SEO) is often about making small modifications to parts of your website. […] which have a noticeable impact on your site's user experience and performance in organic search results.’

So, as long as you’re creating online content, SEO is important to you. If you include PR professionals in your marketing, your SEO will only improve over time.🕑

SEO will continue to be important so long as you are trying to reach your audience online, although the methods of SEO may adapt over time. But don’t worry, Forbes have detailed how and why SEO is still important to any business.👍

How they work together:

According to Blue Fountain Media:

‘In terms of digital marketing, PR professionals have a massive skillset that aligns perfectly with smart SEO tactics. From story creation to audience targeting and relationship building, PR is the next step for brands that want to increase organic traffic.’

There are multiple ways that PR and SEO come hand in hand, so here are just a few ways we (GuidedPR) can help you (a business owner) to get started…

💭 Choosing the right content

One way PR helps your SEO ranking is through creating content that naturally brings in more views, often achieved through using the right keywords and covering topics that are considered evergreen.✔️

If the terms ‘organic traffic’ and ‘evergreen content’ are new to you, take a look at our other GuidedPR posts.

PR professionals regularly work with bloggers, journalists and industry influencers, exposing them to the most popular topics that would lead to the most quality content. This all influences SEO and boosts the views your content gets!🔍

If you’re still not convinced that PR can help your business, take it from who said that PR professionals have...

‘the fundamental expertise and knowledge to help project a favourable image of the company to the precise audience. In today's world, an image is everything it can either make or break a company.’

💭 Link building

Search Engine Journal finds that:

‘Links continue to be one of the most important ranking factors in Google and other search engines, and getting good ones is becoming increasingly difficult.’

Because of this difficulty, PR professionals could be the most effective way to link build when creating content. They can help you get featured in renowned publications, which builds relationships and leads to future links to your content from blogs, magazines and more.📰

The more your name, or your business’s name, is coming up in google searches, the better your SEO is for the content you have created. So, PR really is a great place to start.👍

So why not sign up today? We can even guide you with writing press releases to get your link building journey started, take a look at this blog for more.👈

💭 Branding and Promotion

An important part of PR is helping to curate a positive and recognised brand for individuals and businesses. This leads to media features and consequently increases the level of their audience interest in the product/service being marketed.📊

In addition to tailoring your brand, PR professionals have lots of connections to different media outlets and sources that can help promote your content, this could be in the form of written interviews, podcasts or an article profiling a business owner.🗣

For more help and advice on how PR can help SEO take a look at Search Engine Land’s blog. 🙌

So now that you’ve been introduced to how PR and SEO work together, why not sign up and start your introduction to a PR professional that can help your business?


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About the author:

Kate is a Public Relations Assistant and Blog Copywriter Trainee at GuidedPR. She has recently graduated with a first class honours in a BA degree in English Literature and has a keen interest in online journalism. Kate is a creative at heart and wants to become a professional editor or marketing expert in the book publishing industry.