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How CRM Software Can Help You Resolve Customer Disagreements

The right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software doesn’t just nurture leads and track prospects; it can also help you resolve customer disagreements before they cause any damage. Even when they are not severe, complaints can lead to bad online reviews and a lack of referrals, both of which can hurt your payoff. Moreover, unhappy customers are three times more likely than happy ones to tell friends about a negative experience.

So now, we are going to show you some keys to help you to resolve this type of problems.

CRM keeps your customer information organised

The organization is of crucial importance. You can’t address complaints that you can’t find. CRM software can help you track prospects as they engage with your business through social media, email, and your website. That means you can respond to customer complaints as soon as they crop up. Because sometimes, the lack of tracking could generate a loss of information. Most of the emails may get lost in your inbox or could keep on Spam folders. So, the sooner you respond, the less time your customer has to stew on bad feelings. Otherwise, most of the CRM software allows you to link a task to a particular contact. So if resolving a dispute requires a face-to-face meeting, calling them or send them some documents, you can schedule that all in one place to make sure your client’s needs are addressed quickly.

CRM helps you integrate data with customer service

Related to the previous point, have a good organisation and database of each of our customers could provide us with better feedback. CRM software allows us to connect the information with our mobile phone so, if we do that, as soon as a client call us we will be able to see on the screen all the information so we won’t need to ask about that.

It is a lack of time and seems a bit unprofessional; recent surveys – from consulting firm Accenture – found that 89 per cent of customers get frustrated if they have to repeat their problem to multiple company reps.

So the more customer information you can put in front of your reps, the better they will be able to solve the problem and contribute to a more satisfying experience.

CRM gives you the insight you need to involved in deeply

As we mention in pasts posts, use a CRM software provide us with a series of benefits. A  quick look at your customer’s history can give you an idea of how they’ve engaged with your business, what they’ve bought from you, and who they’ve worked with before. If we have that specific information, we can offer personalised solutions that haven’t already been tried.

So finally, when we are faced with a dissatisfied customer, we should take into consideration: Respond quickly. Staying organised, keep all the details and have a follow up of everything that happens helps you to identify and respond to customer complaints faster.

Listen. Even if you know what their issue is, hear them out. Maybe the client has some proposal to offer that will improve your business or we can take into consideration to change some things in our way of acting with the next clients.

Recap the issue. This is an excellent way to acknowledge their frustration and demonstrate that you were listening. We need to keep our clients informed about every new step, so they could be able to see the progress in the solving of their possible problems.

Offer a personalised solution. Make your customer part of this process, so you don’t take extreme measures. This also gives you a better chance at finding a solution your customer will accept.

Confirm the problem is resolved. If you can, get written confirmation that the problem was resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. That way, if the issue resurfaces as a legal complaint, you have a proof to support your defence. And if you are sued over a client’s issue with your professional work, errors and omissions insurance can help.

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