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How Are You Supposed to Use Public Relations?

Being an entrepreneur might mean that you’re more hands-on at the operational level of your business. As the leader of the ship, you aim to sail across the waves and currents of entrepreneurship and reach the shore safely, bringing home the profits, sales, and credibility of your business to a new dawn. If you flip the coin, you’ll see the other side of your business operations: establishing your brand, reputation, and signature to the public. This is important. Why? You’ll learn soon after you find out how you’re supposed to use public relations. ✍️👀

If you’re thinking that public relations are the same as marketing and advertising, you’re at a crossroad. 😬😬😬 They’re different and have their own qualities especially with their purposes and objectives, but it’s safe to say that they fall under the same umbrella. The best way to kick off the starting point of public relations is through its book-based definition. The Public Relations Society of America defines it as a “strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

In a nutshell, it’s two-way communication between your business and the public that should nurture a healthy interaction to retain your public’s trust and loyalty.

Does it sound like a challenge? Of course! 👊👍 It should be like that. Good public relations takes time to develop. There are businesses that tend to unleash their impatience when they can’t see their sales and revenues rolling into their paychecks. That’s not the case. Public relations can’t always guarantee that it will instantly generate profits for your business. There are times that it’s more about your reputation and brand which brings a long-term, golden result for your business. 📈📊

Imagine this: a media feature that garners more loyal customers who can incentivize your products and services through word-of-mouth. See? Long-term goal.

Public relations is the perfect tool to raise awareness. 🤩🥳🎉 It puts your business in the limelight for everyone to see and try. It’s the engine that drives your business to stardom. Once your reputation reaches a certain peak, your business begins to draw in potential customers, build loyal following to your brand, and even lull in investors who want a piece of your business. Simply, public relations provides a positive domino effect. 😍😍😍

In more than one way, public relations is much more effective than advertising. Instead of buying ad placements online or just posting well-designed graphics on a new product or service, public relations reaches out to the public and fosters genuine relationships that allow them to think that your business is not just about earning money, but earning their respect and trust.

It’s not surprising then that in a Nielsen study, public relations is said to be 90% more effective than advertising in influencing the public.

Public relations adds value to your business-credibility points. It’s a unique touchpoint that puts your business at the vanguard of your industry. If people look up for products and services that are related to your business, you might be the first one to appear on the search engine results, thanks to the strong reputation and credibility that you and your business have garnered through public relations. 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️

Stronger online presence and brand values? Check! Strengthened media and community relations? Double check! It’s time to relish the power of public relations.

Public relations is all about reputation management, then? Wrong! It doesn’t end there. You need to work your way up to the top and the best way to do it is to be aware of what steps you should take to befriend public relations. Here’s a quick overview on that:

  • Be the expert in your field. If you want to get featured in the media, they need to know that you know what you’re talking about. Build your writing portfolio on your website and talk about your expertise. The more well-defined your offer is to the media, the higher rate of credibility you show. 💯💯💯

  • Let the influencers work their magic. Connect with the influencers who are related to the niche of your business. Don’t just ask them to promote your business. They’re humans too. Be genuine. Invest your time in knowing them to develop a long-term relationship. Don’t be opportunistic. 💯💯💯

  • Ask for help to help you get featured in the media. GuidedPR is an excellent example for that which lends you a helping hand to land interviews to publications and media. Exposure glistens your brand, reputation, and business. 💯💯💯

  • Be active and compelling on social media. Don’t write in an academic tone, but add a dash of personality to your posts. Taking part of the discussions online and being always in the loop of the trends can help you increase your following which can turn into customers. 💯💯💯

Not yet sure if social media works with public relations? Check out this post!

Public relations is about the people and putting them first to earn their trust and loyalty. Unlike marketing which focuses on showcasing your products and services, public relations has a knack for human-to-human relationships and sure-enough connection. Other than boosting your brand’s credibility and enhancing your public profile’s image and presence online, it influences the way people perceive your business. At this point, you should eye for the gold that will allow people to see you in a gleaming, positive light without forcing them.


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Matthew Burgos is a Public Relations Assistant at GuidedPR. He's also the Journalist at WorldBound Magazine and a Staff Writer at Italics Magazine. He holds a degree in AA in Broadcast Journalism and BSc. in International Relations and is studying LL.B. in Laws. When he's not busy writing or studying, he munches on 90% dark chocolate.

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