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HIGH PROFILE Social – Entrepreneurs get together

Every month we host our social event; entrepreneurs get together. In the past we have always hosted our social event at the Institute of Directors. However, with our events growing bigger and bigger by the month we have found a new excellent venue; Westminster Kingsway College. We are now holding monthly social events in collaboration with the college. Guests are given the opportunity to introduce themselves and what they do, take part in networking activities, enjoy some entertainment and more! Our social events are always incredibly popular, this month like many others, we had a full house!

The collaboration with the college has also given the club new opportunities. We are now welcoming business, events and entrepreneurial students to attend the event and immerse themselves fully in the evening. As a student myself I can see the value this partnership is able to offer the students. I never had the exposure to a real businesses that High Profile Club is able to offer and no text-book ever prepared me as much for the real world, than being indulged in a real business has! It will be a fantastic opportunity for students to really develop their skills and prepare themselves for their futures. I am very excited to be able to act as a mentor for some of the students and to see them flourish at our events at such a young age! Likewise it will be good for other guests to network with young people looking to gain experiences in businesses and find internship opportunities.

Networking Events

If HIGH PROFILE CLUB is known for anything from its events, it’s that we love to get creative with networking! It has never been possible in the history of man and never will be possible, for you to come to one of our events, and not get involved in some networking activities. It simply just will not happen.

This month we tested guests pitching skills. A lot of people believe that to sell their product or service, that they need to tell a potential customer absolutely everything about what they can offer. This is very much the wrong approach. People get bored easily and they don’t want to hear you ran for 5 minutes. Frankly, if you’re still pitching after about 1 minute, you can’t offer what you say you can. Products only sell if people feel as though they can trust you. One of the biggest things you can do to reduce their trust is to blabble on for too long!

We asked guests to make two lines and go back to back with one another. One line was then asked to pitch themselves to the person behind them. Another activity included two lines again, but this time both people faced the same way, directly behind one another. Needless to say, it was incredibly difficult to hear one another and understand their message with so many people talking so nearby.

These activities were done to show our guests that sometimes you can be pitching to the wrong crowd, and sometimes that is why your message is not heard. It was also done to show guests that you need to make sure your product/service stands out, it is the only way your message will cut through the clutter of everyone else.

Following, we began the serious networking. Guests faced each other and each had one minute to pitch to the other person. We also went round as a whole group introducing ourselves in just three words; name, origin and title. This is one of the best activities as it allowed everyone to get a brief understanding of what others do and allows them to identify the best people they want talk to later on.

Hello students!

One of the best benefits about moving our monthly social event to Kingsway college is that we can incorporate students into our events and offer them a fantastic opportunity. Working with a college that specialises in business and entrepreneurship means lot’s of students keen to gain experience and network. I met a great student who was only 16 and was in the final steps of launching his own company in partnership with his dad. Another girl, aged 17, was in the process of launching a company to start selling organic bath bombs for sensitive skin. It was amazing to see the drive the students had at such a young age but also warming to know we are able to help them in their dreams!


Make sure you get your ticket to our next social event on October 17th! This event is guaranteed to sell out so grab your ticket while you can. Join us in a night filled with laughter, great people and opportunities to network with so many others!

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