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HIGH PROFILE CLUB SOCIAL – entrepreneurs get together


High Profile Club – Social Event

Last week we had our entrepreneurs get together at the Institute of Directors!

by Rebecca Lee on 30th July

Every month we host our social event at the Institute of Directors. It is a three hour event in which guests are given the opportunity to introduce themselves and what they do, take part in networking activities, enjoy some entertainment and more! Our social events are always incredibly popular, this month like many others, we had a full house!

Networking activities

Our social event is heavily focused around getting guests stuck in with games and activities to get them talking to the group and also more intimately with one another.  We kicked the event off with our popular ‘pitching your business blindfolded’ exercise. Guests gather themselves into two lines. One line then covers their eyes with a blindfold while the person in front of them is asked to pitch their business. We find this exercise extremely effective as it forces the one blindfolded to focus solely on listening as their other senses are blocked out.

The second exercise on the night was ‘describe yourself in three words’. Name, country and industry. We love this exercise as it allow everyone in the room to get put a name to the face and learn a bit more about what everyone does, so they could network accordingly after the event! We had guests from all over the world; Pakistan, Italy, America and more!

The last exercise Rafael ran for guests was a social experiment. Guests were asked to explain where they’re from using only mimic’s and gestures. This event was strictly no speaking! While it was a great exercise to watch from where I was sitting as I couldn’t guess anything guests were attempting to describe, guests also said it was a very useful exercise as it really broke the ice between one another and made the evening more entertaining.


At Friday’s social event, we introduced the HIGH PROFILE CLUB Magazine for the first time. Andrei Koscina, the creative director, has been handling the design and directive imagery of the magazine which will launch in London on September 6th. The magazine has been a long time coming so it was rewarding for the team to see the hard work finally being shown off but also exciting to release the new to guests,  having worked on it for so long. The HIGH PROFILE CLUB Magazine will feature pages of content from experts in their industry, member’s features and stories and all the business tips and advice you could wish for!

Upcoming social events

Each month we host a social event to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to get together in a fun yet relaxing environment to network with others that attend. Our next social event will be on the 28th September at the Institute of Directors.

Pleas click here to get a ticket to the event. We look forward to meeting you!

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