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Four Types Of Content Creators

Content creators come in several different shapes and forms, and from the title, I am sure you are already aware that in this article, I will be outlining four of these styles with the aim of aiding you (an entrepreneur or small business) to identify which content creator you are and/or want to be.

I am sure that content marketing is not an unfamiliar approach to most readers; it has been widely used in, and around, the marketing profession for well over a decade.

The technology landscape supporting content marketing may seem daunting because of the vast array of software and media channels to choose from.

However, identifying the type of content creator you are can begin to increase your content production, while naturally complimenting other aspects of your business. This will not only emphasize your strengths, but act as a foundation for how you can communicate in the marketplace - to existing and prospective customers.

Now for my four different types of content creators!

The Networker 🤝

The networker feels most comfortable when mingling with like-minded individuals that provide a flow of ideas, anecdotes, and speculation. They incessantly work at growing their professional network, quite like the old saying explains:

“It's not what you know it's who you know"

In simple terms, the networker could be defined as the content creator type that finds sharing lessons and teachings an invaluable opportunity.

They are attuned to the notion that expanding ones professional reach is a practical skill.

The Speaker 🗣️

The speaker is most at home when talking about what they know. They relish any opportunity to share their knowledge with others and are normally very clear and articulate verbal communicators.

This content creator type would be a perfect fit for video marketing because of their superb speaking skills.

The Writer ✍️

This is probably the most obvious of the four, especially considering you are reading a writer’s content right now!

As a content creator, they find writing the easiest method of communication and can effortlessly write hundreds of words in minimal time.

When helping a business with their content marketing needs, they simply need to be encouraged to sit down and type out the words that can describe any aspect that the company may need to communicate.

The benefits for this creator type is that a digitally written word can be shared on just about any online platform.

The Visualiser 👁️

The visualiser, these are the individuals who use pictures to explain and comprehend a concept. This creator can transform any type of existing content into a vivid image that communicates a clear message to the viewer.

In business terms, they draw every conceptual idea embedded in what the company is trying to offer, so that they can consistently express the brand optically.

Now that I have summed up the four different types of content creator, does one of the above stand out to be most similar to you? One of them may be a natural strength to you, or maybe you identify with all four creator types (I can only dream).

I hope you enjoyed this post, it is greatly beneficial to find out which creator type you are so that you can figure out your strengths and begin to nurture them, so you can begin to produce fantastic content.

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About the author

Jasmine is a Public Relations assistant at the High Profile Club. She is currently completing a BA degree in Marketing with Public Relations at London South Bank University and has a keen interest in PR and the fashion and communications industry.

After growing up in Hampshire, Jasmine decided to move to London in order to pursue her career aspirations and work among some of the most established thought-leaders in the world of public relations and communications.

Find Jasmine on LinkedIn here.

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