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Entrepreneur Interview with Andrea, a Senior Digital Marketer in London


Entrepreneur Interview with Andrea, a Senior Digital Marketer in London

Andrea Fidelis is an experienced marketing manager, specialising in digital marketing strategies.

She has worked in both the public and the private sector. We interviewed Andrea to share some insights in marketing.

1. What was the most effective marketing campaign you have run? And how did you measure your success?

Out of hundreds of campaigns, my most effective was a ‘conversion campaign’ called Level Up.

There had been a hike in tuition fees and competitors were using new ways to entice university students such as giving them unconditional offers and freebies.

Our college’s numbers were down and we would not know until September who would decide to study with us. I designed a campaign around supporting and engaging ‘perspective students’ to encourage them to take up their offer to study at our higher education institution.

This would both guarantee income generation and enable us to know in advance how many students we would have that year.

I developed a strategy for the institution to first recognise gaps in service delivery, then focused on opportunities to optimise customer service and information channels.

I created a timetable of communications, events and touch points on/offline with a clear pre/during/post agenda. The measurement was viewed as successful from customer feedback surveys, participation and ultimately the number of confirmed places students took up in September.

2. What is the difference in marketing campaigns in the public sector and the private sector?

Components of a marketing campaign are the same for both sectors- generally to promote and or sell a product or service, however from experience the difference between public and private sectors is (a) scale (b) access to resources (c) sign-off (including scrutiny from colleagues not in the marketing department).

Working for a public institution I had more access to funds; the reputation was quite well known within the design sector and there were levels of management that would need to sign off final drafts. Additionally- colleagues might occasionally comment or scrutinise what the marketing department produced. Whereas working for private companies, or on private initiatives you’re more exposed to market forces- but you have more creative input into the final content.

3. Do you use social media to run your marketing campaigns? How did you use them?

Yes, social media is a key tool for my company. We design our marketing campaigns on facebook and twitter, as well as placing digital ads and utilising email marketing platforms.

We use social media to spread awareness about our online training courses + internship programmes; gather leads for prospective students and to engage with our customers on subjects they’re interested in. So I would categorise our social media usage into three areas- informative posts (giving useful tips and knowledge), entertainment posts (fun and abstract things) and promotional posts (information about our products and services).

4. What would be your top 3 tips for someone who is planning their marketing campaigns?

Tip 1: Designate time to think about what you want to achieve in each campaign on a macro and micro level, and clearly map how you intend to do it relying on what you know about your customers wants/needs. Lots of people don’t think through the steps properly which can waste time and dilutes messaging.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from others in your sector. They’re engaging with similar (or the same) target customers. It’s always good to be fresh- but other times it makes sense to take into account predefined marketing messages.

Tip 3: Try to always remember that the marketing cycle doesn’t necessarily result in instant sales, however you’re representing a brand that you want customers and industry peers to relate to positively. A good reputation equals sustainable returns. Think Bigger Picture.

Want to learn more about marketing from Andrea, get in touch with her through LinkedIn:

If you are an entrepreneur with 0-9 employees, I can help you develop digital marketing campaigns to increase your sales. As well as holding a Diploma in Digital Marketing, I’m an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and I have been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. I use the power of technology (Infusionsoft) to deliver engaging email marketing campaigns. I use storytelling, images and videos to increase your sales.

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