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Entrepreneur Interview: Martina Coogan


Entrepreneur Interview: Martina Coogan

Director of Martina Coogan Ltd.

1.Tell us a bit about your background, roots and DNA!

Was born in Galway Ireland grew up in the freedom of the Irish countryside.

Got itchy feet and went to the USA where I lived, studied and worked for 20 years.

Moved to London in 2014 where I live and work and love it!

2. What’s your passion in life and in business? Your mission and vision?

I help people who are experienced Stress or Loss in their lives.

As an alternative Health Practitioner, I help people regain their own inner strength, power and wisdom.

I enjoy reminding people of their own powers and tools so they can help themselves and regain their own lives, so they can live in peace and joy. Living life alive every day.

3. What was the most challenging/difficult/terrifying period in your entrepreneur career?

Crafting the 1 min pitch as that is all you have to share with people who and what you are.

4. Who do you admire and why? What would you ask them if you met them in person?

Her Majesty the Queen.

She is a beautiful example of service, dedication, feminine power and royalty.

How do you do it and how do you stay young and vibrant?

5. What’s your message for your younger self?

Keep all part of your life in balance.

6. How do people get in contact with you?

Can email me at or

message/call on 07702 562939

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