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Entrepreneur Interview: Fashion Designer Zekaryas Solomon


Entrepreneur Interview: Fashion Designer Zekaryas Solomon

Music, models, runway… This week I had the chance to meet Zekaryas Solomon, a multi-award fashion designer in London. He is the founder of Zekaryas Solomon Ltd and attended the last Migrant Business Show as an exhibitor.

Where are you from and why did you choose to move to London?

I was born in Eritrea but grew up in Germany. I came to London because of my previous profession as I was offered a job as Junior Architect. First I did not like London at all as I found it very crowded, fast stressful moreover very expensive and I was planning to move back to Germany but I’m glad I stayed, now I am here and running my business successfully.

Were there any challenges you initially faced when moving to the UK, if so, how did you overcome  them?

Definitely there were few challenges such as loneliness and language barriers.

What has been your biggest entrepreneurial achievement so far?

In April 2016 I was fully involved for the development of the Space Project for Ravensbourne, which it was then successfully show cased at the Science Museum in London. Also, I have contributed as a member of the judge panel for the fashion and fashion accessories Award in June 2016 held at Ravensbourne.

What provided you with the inspiration for you starting your own business enterprise?

In my case the fashion business is big in London and you can get lots of business support.

Tell us what the future holds for your business. 

The future is bright for us as we are working on a very exciting and historical project, which we will introduce a young country (Eritrea situated North East Africa), with it’s undiscovered and ancient historical background.

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