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Entrepreneur Interview: Dan Sainsbury


Entrepreneur Interview: Dan Sainsbury

Founder and CEO of Dan Sainsbury Transformation

 1.Tell us a bit about your background, roots and DNA!

I’m British in my heritage (you can definitely hear that in my quite plummy accent) but I don’t subscribe to nationalism or being “proud”. Just because I happened to have been born somewhere. In fact, I definitely feel I have some Latino in me as I’m quite outspoken and don’t hold back in expressing myself. Plus I speak Spanish fluently, and even when I am in Spain I have been asked which part of Spain I’m from!

In terms of my childhood, I was born and brought up in Surrey. My parents were very generous and almost crippled themselves financially by sending me to excellent schooling from the age of 4 which won me a scholarship to a great independent school in Surrey called Reigate Grammar School where I was from the age of 10-18.

2. What’s your passion in life and in business? Your mission and vision?

My passion in life and in business is helping people.

That sounds trite and clichéd but I get such great joy and pleasure by helping someone see something in a way that makes their life easier, that they can then use or that remains with then for the rest of their life.

I was not always that way: I come from a corporate sales background and I was, in my role, programmed simply to make money and see everyone as a potential deal. I did very well, generating about £5m by 29, but that modus ended up making me sick and tired and I saw, from swinging to that extreme, that actually what I wanted was to help others. If I can also be handsomely remunerated for that too, great!

So much of my passion in life and in business comes from the difficulties I faced while I was in the business world – the daily stress, the top-down pressure from bosses, the egregious environments, the financial targets we were forced to hit; the meaningless of the role, the anxiety that comes from being in these artificial, inhumane environments. All these factors that contribute to the malaise in people, and in some extreme unhappiness, and it is this I want to shine a light on, to say there IS another way. I want to free people from this malaise.

A few years ago I wrote a paper called The New Corporate Blueprint which reveals that you can still make a profit as a company,  actually a lot more and over a longer-term, by optimizing 5 parts of the business, and one is putting benevolence as the heart of everything you do.

I’m happy to share that document if you contact me for it.

My true passion came to me in very strongly defined terms in a key moment in a particular hinterland in my life back in about 2011. I’d more or less left the corporate world but didn’t have the courage to pursue my dream of becoming a psychologist.

The defined terms that came to me from deep within myself were “I want to release people from the prison of their own minds”. That still stands but I’d like to add the implication which is to set them free so that they can enjoy all the best of themselves and of life.

Finite existence does not exist. We are eternal beings, in human form not for very long. So how do we experience that infinite nature here? That is a key question. One worth meditating on.

My mission is to help release as many people as I can whilst I am here, to reduce unhappiness in the workplace, to bring people to the awareness of their massive potential, and to help them break through supposed limitations.

My Vision is to help the most powerful and influential people on the planet (CEOs, government leaders) have the most benevolent visions and missions for their companies and governments etc. That way the vibration of the planet is very quickly uplifted and sickness in all its forms can be transmuted.

3. What was the most challenging/difficult/terrifying period in your entrepreneur career?

The most terrifying moment as an entrepreneur was the morning of day one of being an entrepreneur!

I finally knew I had to leave the corporate world because I had this very strange but very powerful malign physical reaction to working in that world which took the form of a crushing headache and almost zero energy.

As soon as I left and decided I’m becoming a full-time psychologist, that very evening all my vibrancy and health returned.

The day of quitting was a happy day indeed.

However, the day after quitting, it felt like a very different story. It was drizzling with rain, my bank account was almost at zero (long story!). I had no clients for my psychology practice as it was my first day (give me a break!). I had no idea really how to get clients for it and I remember waiting for a bus to see a friend, frozen to the spot in terror with nowhere to run or hide.

Huge waves of fear crashed over. I had put off doing this work for years. Now I was doing it I was terrified at the enormity of it.

Fortunately, at the height of pain, I am often “given” techniques (they just seem to download in me) and with a particular technique I cleared all the fear in about 15 seconds and then suddenly I just felt really peaceful and happy.

That was 2012 so since that time I’ve treated many 100s of people around the world and have made somewhat of a name for myself clearing very tough sometimes life-long issues in the space of a few minutes. I call it the “problem-to-Paradise Paradigm.”

Looking back I can see it is fear that

a. Stops us doing what we are here to do and that

b. You can clear fear in the space of seconds.

4. Who do you admire and why? What would you ask them if you met them in person?

I admire anyone who has come from extreme adversity and turned their life around who is a beacon for others to do the same.

I don’t particularly admire or look up to anyone in the public eye. Someone asked me the other day who I’d most like to have dinner with, anyone at all. No-one came to mind. The only one that did was Barack Obama and that was because I thought he’d enjoy spending time with me! That is not vanity (is it?!) I just don’t think idolatry is a good thing as it stops you seeing how good YOU are. You are sat on the Gold, it’s not outside of you.

5. What’s your message for your younger self?

Message for younger self. Here’s a technique to clear that awful emotional discomfort. Here’s another to get to sleep! And also, tidy your room. Actually that’s one for me now too!

6. How do people get in contact with you?

You can contact me on 077239 25056 and

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