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Emily Maitlis

Emily Maitlis is a journalist, documentary filmmaker and newsreader for the BBC, originating from Ontario, Canada. She presents news and current affairs on Newsnight for BBC Two as well as covering elections in the UK, US, and Europe for the BBC.

Maitlis became the acting political editor for Newsnight in January 2014, temporarily replacing Allegra Stratton, who was on maternity leave.

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Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Maitlis migrated to the UK where she was raised in Sheffield, Yorkshire. Her parents are British Jewish and her grandmother was a Jewish refugee that fled from Nazi Germany.

As of 2019, Maitlis became the only Newsnight presenter to not attend a private school; instead, she was educated at the King Edward VII School and Queens College Cambridge. She is Multilingual and fluent in Spanish, Italian and French.

Before starting her career in the news, Maitlis was a documentary maker in Cambodia and China. She claims that she initially wanted to work as a director, but instead went into radio broadcasting which led her to spend six years in Hong Kong working with TVB news and NBC Asia.

While in Hong Kong, she covered the transfer of the SAR Region's sovereignty for Channel 4, before choosing to move back to the UK to work as a business correspondent for Sky News. She then went onto work at BBC London News in 2001 when the programme was relaunched.

She won awards Interview of the Year and Scoop of the Year by RTS Television Awards in February 2020 for her very well-known interview with Prince Andrew over his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein; a sex offender who passed away in 2019 whilst awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges.

Maitlis has two children with her investment manager husband, Mark Gwynne, whom she met while working in Hong Kong.

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