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Clive Myrie

Clive Myrie is a British journalist and presenter who has been working for the BBC since 1998. Clive has a Jamaican family background and was born in Bolton, Lancashire, England on August 25th, 1964.

Myrie studied at Hayward Grammar School in his home town of Bolton, followed by Bolton Sixth Form College. In 1985, he graduated with a degree in Law at the University of Sussex.

Throughout his career, Myrie has won many nominations, such as his role in the BAFTA-nominated team behind coverage of the Mozambique floods. He was also awarded the Bayeux-Calvados Award for war correspondents for his reporting of ethnic violence on the island of Borneo.

⬆️Image source: The Guardian, Clive Myrie presents the News at Ten

Myrie has reported on a number of significant news stories throughout his career such as terrorist groups and humanitarian crises. For instance, he was the first journalist to publicize issues with ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna), a Basque terrorist nationalist separatist militant organization. He met an ETA operative in Paris who gave him a tape of the organisation's leaders making a declaration of unilateral ceasefire in September 2010.

The journalist has also reported news on the earthquake disaster that took place in Kathmandu in 2015, including the rescue of some citizens who were found under collapsed buildings. In 2017, Myrie visited Bangladesh to report on the Rohingya refugee crisis.

Clive is married, he enjoys the cinema and loves listening to opera and jazz. He’s also a big fan of Manchester City.

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