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Breakfast for Directors – London Tech Week – Women In Tech


Breakfast For Directors London Tech Week – Woman In Tech

by Rebecca Lee on June 13th

Yesterday we hosted our ‘Breakfast for Directors’ event at the Institute of Directors in Piccadilly. Each month we host the breakfast at the Institute of Directors and welcome both members and non-members of HIGH PROFILE CLUB.

Each session runs from 9am-12pm and includes keynote speeches, presentations, networking and some great food. It is a fantastic event if you are looking to put yourself out there, share and hear other peoples stories and increase your network!

The breakfast is also broadcasted on Facebook live which means guests have the opportunity to not only promote their business to people in the room but also promote their businesses to those who will be watching. Most of our videos get a minimum of 1000 views. If you missed the event you can always catch up by watching the live on Facebook!

London Tech Week is a festival that happens every year in London, to celebrate the nation as one of the leading tech sectors and biggest innovation hubs in Europe.

The festival is celebrated by thousands of people across the country, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the week by asking our members that are involved in the industry to make a speech. Audrey Limery, Carol Man, Joyce Ong & Tommie Edwards all made fantastic speeches about how they have integrated technology into their company and used it to help themselves grow.

It was great to be able to celebrate London Tech Week within our community and give members the opportunity to really get themselves and their business out there but even more interesting to see on the scale how much Technology does impact our lives and can excel our opportunities.

Featured above: Darshana Ubl

Speech by Guinness World Record Holder

Darshana Ubl, founder of Verve Rally/GT supercar adventures also attended the event and gave a keynote speech. Darshana is a Guiness World Record Holder for ‘the highest number of people attending a business speed networking event’.

Having Darshana speak at the event left everyone feeling very motivated and determined. She described the hours of hard work she had to put in to break the world record but also to become the founder of her own company. There is a sense of ‘it’s the will, not the skill’ whenever you hear stories about individuals working so hard to make great achievements. Darshana certainly set the mood and in her own words stated ‘success is just a matter of time’.

Later in the event guests were given the opportunity to seek Darshana’s advice in regards to the best ways to market themselves and their business, no matter how big or small they were. As a student, it is great to hear advice like this from such experienced individuals and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Darshana and listening to her story.

Upcoming Breakfast for Directors

If you would like to meet some great people, hear speeches from members and special guests, increase your network, eat some fabulous food and hear more about HIGH PROFILE CLUB and the benefits we offer if you become a member, get your ticket at the link below.

We hope to see you there!

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