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Breakfast for Directors London

What a fantastic way to kick off October! We spent the morning with a stunning venue, great people, delicious food and even better networking. Hosted by High Profile Club CEO Rafael dos Santos, each breakfast features ample time to network, a full continental breakfast with tea and coffee, and a noted guest speaker from the media. Past speakers have included participants from The Apprentice (BBC), Dragon’s Den (BBC), Google, and The Guardian with many more exciting guests lined up to be featured in the future. All past media speakers have come with a willingness to share their expertise, tricks, and tips for success.



This month we had Yusif Nur as our keynote speaker! Yousif Nur is a freelance journalist, with a particular focus on music and culture in the Arab World. His journalism work has been featured in The Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Dazed & Confused, Middle East Eye amongst many others. As well as that, he has also been an associate music curator for the at the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, which is the biggest Arab culture festival in the UK. He is also in the process of recording his first documentary film to be released next year.

Yusif gave a talk on how to best approach a journalist if you’re looking to be featured in the media. His extensive list of Do’s & Don’ts were incredibly beneficial, especially to an audience keen to get themselves featured by a journalist like himself.

Ana Frecia, a Brazilian journalist and travel blogger also gave a speech at the Breakfast. Ana is also a member at HIGH PROFILE CLUB. Ana has been in te Marketing/Communication field for over 15 years. She has lived in Australia, Italy and London and sharing homes with flatmates around the world Ana has decided to get into the property field. In 2015 Ana launched YourHouseLondon, an agency that offers full management for landlords and rooms in houses and flatshares for young professionals.

Ana gave a very educational talk on how important blogs are for your company in terms of keeping your customers ‘in the know’ and gave her tips on how to write the most engaging for of blog to attract the biggest audience.

Scott Keyser, who is another member of HIGH PROFILE CLUB, also gave a speech at the breakfast. Scott is a published author, writing skills trainer and bid consultant. Ex-Ernst & Young (now EY) and PricewaterhouseCoopers, he shows professional services firms how to use language to connect with their clients and get the results they seek. Scott helped Ernst & Young to double its tender win-rate, trained staff of The Economist in writing skills for ten years and has written two books: Winner Takes Allon how to win more business, and rhetorica®on persuasive writing. Writing is a life skill and Scott has solved the riddle of how to do it well.

Scott introduced the group to his book ‘Rhetorica’ and his acronym to achieve the best pitch: CRISP. Clarity, Readability, Impact, Speed and Personality were all in Scott’s list.

Yusif, Ana and Scott all gave brilliant speeches that shared their knowledge, experiences and stories of how they achieved success! We are so grateful to each speaker that made our event a great one!

Breakfast Delight

Just like every other breakfast we host, we bought the delicious food with us! Warm pastries, fresh fruit and yoghurt, jam and of course some tea and coffee. One of the best things about the breakfast is that you just wake up early, arrive at the fabulous venue, and indulge in breakfast, without any effort!

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