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Breakfast for Directors at the Institute of Directors


Breakfast for Directors

We love connecting people and we could really see connections happening during our breakfast.

This morning our event ‘Breakfast for Directors’ was a great success. This was one of the occasions that entrepreneurs and business owners could come and share their products and services, learn helpful tips about running a business and most of all, get an enormous amount of knowledge in Google Adwords, email campaigns from Infusionsoft and GDPR with Paul Sullivan. We had a very friendly and warm meeting, where people were open to talk about themselves and sharing their own experiences and knowledge in business, especially migrant entrepreneurs. We welcomed everyone:  all ages, genders, colours, religions and nationalities.

After a delightful breakfast with pastries, fruits, yoghurt and coffee, we were amazed by our inspiring speakers and their passion with what they are doing.

We had Paul Sullivan – award-winning Inbound Marketing Consultant – shared with us how to efficiently do online marketing and shared his 6 pointer checklist that needs to be ready at all times.

Lindsey Kokosh from Infusionsoft introduces us an effective way to create and automate your marketing campaign with the world’s number 1 CRM software for small business – Infusionsoft.

Last but not least, David Rothwell – an expert in Google Adwords – showed us a different perspective in using Google Adwords and how to make the most out of it.

Our charming host Rafael dos Santos with his great sense of humour, did a fantastic job of introducing people and leading the story.

95% of our guests today agreed that they would come back and invite their friends. Here are some of the feedback, totally raw and nothing was added!

“Very informative.”

“Good vibe, love being able to connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners.”

“Inspiring morning.”

“Very relevant and worthwhile to spend time learning from others in similar places.”

“It was all great! Congratulation, I did enjoy a lot!”

The Breakfast was held at the Institute of Directors located in the heart of London. It’s a splendid building with hundreds of artworks and decorations that certainly pleases the eye. After the meeting, we were taken on a tour around the building, and it was indeed a great experience.

We will hold the Breakfast for Directors once a month, with many opportunities to network, valuable knowledge and a welcoming spirit. So, what are you waiting for? Join us here.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the next event.

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