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A Beginner's Guide To TikTok

As our time and world continues and develops, so does our social media. These last 10-15 years, the people have had to learn different channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to better penetrate their audience or community of people. The latest platform that has the world in a bit of a daze is TikTok. 🧐

At more than 2 million users, Business Insider describes TikTok as a “short-form video app that's become one of the most popular social platforms among Generation Z.” It includes special effects to create compelling and attractive content and use it as an advantage. Though difficult to get in tune with, it can be a great resource to add to your social media needs.

I will be laying out a clear beginner’s guide to TikTok to hopefully pave the way to utilize the great opportunities TikTok has to offer.

The Process:

1. Download the app and sign up 📲

The App Store and Google Play have TikTok for free, and you can download straight from there. Once you have the app downloaded, it is very easy to sign up. You can either sign up using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts; or create your own username and password using an email if you don't want to link your other accounts.

2. Create Your Profile 👩‍💼

As with every other social media platform, your profile is what you see when people look to check you out. From the main screen, toggle to the ‘Me’ tab. Click on the button to edit your profile. This is when you would create a profile picture or video and create your bio. Your bio can be anything from a goofy quote to a business owner promoting their company. If you would like to promote your other social media accounts like YouTube or Instagram, you can link them to your profile.

3. View the ‘For You’ Page 💥

Okay, it's time to start exploring the world of TikTok. The “For You Page” is a page that TikTok filters to your liking. In the beginning, it is usually popular videos and content that most people enjoy, but as you start to follow and react to more content, it will be shaped towards you.

4. Like, Comment, Share 👍

Users create content to be enjoyed and then spread to their audience. One of our previous posts covers the four types of content creators. An account is described by the number of followers and likes they have. As you see content that you like, give it a like.

If you want to give your feedback on the video, give it a comment. TikTok also gives the option to share content externally through text message, Snapchat, email, etc. Accounts are more likely to grow and, more importantly, notice and give a look at users who are active in their content. Learn why likes and actions of that nature are so important here.

5. Search & Follow 🔎

As you begin to find the content you regularly “like”, TikTok makes it very easy to find content similar to what you enjoy. To follow users you like, or want to follow, you can either

☝ click on their profile picture on their post to go to their profile, or

✌ search their profile via the ‘Discover’ tab

As you follow users, the ‘Following’ page will become active with content of those you follow.

The ‘Discover’ tab can also be used to find specific videos, people, and hashtags. It also has a QR scanner to make it easier to find people using ‘TikCodes’ that are profile specific.

6. Content Creation 👨‍🎨

You’ve created your profile. You’ve found the content you like. You’ve followed different users. You’ve figured out how TikTok works. It’s now time to begin building your account with content. It's time to get YOU some attention.

To create a TikTok post, press the “+” button at the bottom of your screen. You have the choice between creating a 15s or 60s long originals or using a variety of video templates that TikTok has to offer to help you along.

You can adjust your video settings such as changing the speed of the videos, setting a timer before rolling, adding a filter, and flipping the camera.

To use trending and popular special effects, similar to Snapchat and Instagram filters, click the ‘Effects’ button to the left of the record button. To upload media from your phone, click the ‘Upload’ button to the right of the record button.

If you are a business owner, we have compiled a list of 7 digital marketing tools to raise credibility.

The most popular aspect of a TikTok video, and what will get you more likes, are “sounds.” These can be music clips, famous movie scene voice-overs, etc. Find these at the top of your screen before you record. To use a sound that you find on someone’s video, click on the spinning record at the bottom right of their video.

Once you have finished recording your video, you can add texts, effects, voiceovers, etc. to any point of your video. Now you are ready to share and collect those likes!

See TwoMillionWays' article to learn how to edit your videos.

As you get more creative with your posts you can start participating in challenges and duets. See Later’s list of 12 TikTok challenges to inspire your next campaign.📈

Congratulations, you are officially ready to be TikTok famous. 😎

‼️ Be sure to check out the rest of our blog here, and keep an eye out for future posts on how to expand your knowledge on different social media advantages ‼️

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About the Author

Trevor is a third-year Marketing and Finance student at the University of Colorado, USA, and joined GuidedPR as a Marketing Assistant. He has a passion for football, golf, and music as well as a grown appreciation for traveling. Trevor also loves meeting new people and leaving a positive mark on the world.

Find Trevor on LinkedIn.

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