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8 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

As a business owner you most likely already have multiple marketing methods in place to promote and advertise your business. But could you be using more creative ideas that would boost your business even further?🤯

Why not take a look at our 8 creative ideas that are unique, affordable and easy to implement. 👏

1) Start creating your own content✏️

This involves using social media and blogging to create content that improves your company’s image with little to no costs for you or your audience. To read more on what content marketing is and specific examples read our other GuidedPR blog.💭

2) Get ad promo credits 💵

As WordStream’s blog suggests:

‘There are often discounts and coupons floating around for paid Facebook ads or Google ads.’

Which is far more affordable than paying for large scale ad campaigns, and can still reach your target audience effectively.👍

3) Start contests/giveaways🏆

By creating an easy to enter contest/giveaway for your audience on social media you can increase interest in your product/service by simply offering it for free to a select few consumers.🎁

4) Focus on graphic design🎨

Graphic design is essential to marketing as it sparks interest before your audience even begins to understand the product/service you offer.

But don’t just take it from us, Hive Digital Strategy explores the importance of graphic design in order to inspire consumers to click through your content.💻

If you need help getting started with graphic design and marketing, our other GuidedPR post is the place to begin.👍

5) Give back to others🙌

Just because your end goal is to use marketing to boost your business and increase the number of consumers doesn’t mean you can’t help others in the meantime. As The Next Scoop suggests:

‘Nowadays, only profit does not define the success of the business; but it’s also more of business enterprise is perceived; which has a lot of bearing on the conduct of business.’

6) Video campaigning🎥

It might seem obvious, but video campaigns catch the attention of your audience and allow for far more creativity than a written or visual campaign alone. One example that has clearly been successful is Nike’s Just Do It campaign.✔️ But more recently their video You Can’t Stop Us has gained a lot of attention as it uses more than 4,000 pieces of footage, to capture the commonalities shared by athletes around the world. 👏

👉Certain marketing methods have been used for all types of businesses for years and work well every time. However, in order to get creative and spark new interest from your target audience, it is important to stay up to date.👈

Don't worry, Forbes have helped businesses out by predicting the biggest marketing trends to come...

7) Voice search optimisation🗣

Voice search optimisation could be the newest marketing method as Forbes suggests that:

‘Voice search is on the rise and users are using voice search assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Bixby to answer their questions. No matter which industry you are in, optimizing your website for voice search in 2020 will be critical.’

So why not look beyond what you know already about SEO and consider voice search optimisation as a method of boosting your business.💰

8) Start using Tik Tok 🎶

Forbes predicted in January 2020 that Tik Tok would become a marketing tool for businesses, and this has certainly come into fruition.🤯 With the potential to create your own content or advertise on the app, Tik Tok is a great creative way to boost your business. Tik Tok has even said so themselves:

'No matter how big or small your business, no matter what you're making or selling, we believe your brand deserves to be discovered here.'

If all of this sounds great and you’re ready to get started with your own creative marketing strategies, here is our helpful list of tools to guide you on your way❗

Start creating compelling content to share with journalists and on your social media channels. Try for 30 days for free! Sign up with one click!

About the Author

Kate is a Public Relations Assistant and Blog Copywriter Trainee at GuidedPR. She has recently graduated with a first class honours in a BA degree in English Literature and has a keen interest in online journalism. Kate is a creative at heart and wants to become a professional editor or marketing expert in the book publishing industry.

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