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8 Blogs About PR You Must Read

People have been blogging since the ’90s, creating their own platforms in order to share their ideas, views and talk about, well… whatever they want!

You can find a blog on just about anything: fashion, food, travel, fitness, sports, there are even blogs which have the sole intent of pointing you towards other blogs…

While working amidst the forever evolving PR industry, it can be challenging to stay on top of the many dynamics and tools that make up the media environment.

Whether you are a PR professional or an entrepreneur looking to grasp communications for your start-up business, reading expert blogs is a nifty way of staying up to date on the latest news and issues in the industry, as well as expanding on your skills and gaining inspiration.

It can be time-consuming to find specialist blogs that you can rely on to always deliver beneficial articles that will help contribute to your successes; which is why I have researched and compiled some of the best blogs about public relations, that every PR professional, entrepreneur and expert in the industry needs to read.

#1 High Profile Club Blog

Look no further, as (of course) our blog takes the number one spot 🏆

Putting all bragging aside, we take delight in providing consistent content in relation to entrepreneurship, promotion and PR. Some of our most recent blog posts include:

110 Platforms to Promote your Business for Free

5 Ways To Get Published In A Magazine Or A Newspaper

What Is The BANEC® System and How It Can Be Used In Public Relations

At High Profile Club, we provide a platform that connects entrepreneurs with the media, so our blog contains plenty of great information and how-to's that can aid readers in becoming more visible, more credible and more influential.

Exactly what every PR practitioner wants, right?

#2 Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks is a terrific blog space which focuses on sharing cutting-edge tips and tools in order to reach PR professionals and teach them the ropes of effective, ethical communications.

On the right, you can see a preview of some of their most recent work by CEO Gini Dietrich and contributor Michael Smart. (Screengrab from

Gini is the founder of Spin Sucks and is recognised as a communications professional. With 14 years’ experience of growing and running her own PR firm and having written her own book on communication and reputation management, she has certainly proved herself to be an industry expert and a reliable source for any news and information you should know.

#3 PR Couture

I must admit, PR Couture is a personal favourite of mine because of their distinct stance on fashion and lifestyle communications.

They position themselves as an "industry-leading career platform for lifestyle PR and Marketing professionals and brands ready to make an impact."

Their blog is a catalogue covering all things PR, from career and agency tips to PR strategy and industry news.

(Image from PR Couture Website)

Crosby Noricks founded the site over 10 years ago, she is an experienced digital marketing strategist and lecturer for journalism and media studies at San Diego State University.

Additionally to the blog, on the PR Couture website you can find free resources, coaching, agency directory and templates to help with any of your PR needs and queries (it just gets better and better).

#4 Institute for Public Relations

The Institute for Public Relations or IPR for short is a non-profit foundation founded in 1956, that is dedicated to "the science beneath the art of public relations."

The Institute creates, curates and promotes research for the PR industry and corporate communication practises. They present a variety of brilliant, and highly informative insights and reports on relevant industry topics including:

👉 "How COVID-19 is Forcing CEOS to Rethink The Importance of Internal Communications"

👉 "Generation Z: How Your Company Can Reach The New Generation"

👉 "Dispelling The Myths That Are Killing PR"

All of which are definite must-reads in our books!

#5 PRsay- The Voice of Public Relations

'PRsay- The Voice of Public Relations' provides their voice for PR by sharing thought leadership, PR training and career development articles.

PRsay is a smart extension to the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), they are a professional organisation with over 30,000 professional and student members which serves the communications community through the use of professional development, career resources, conferences and their monthly newspaper on PR strategies and tactics.