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7 PR Tools To Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

It is no secret that every business, regardless of its field, size or the service it provides, requires visibility in order to grow and to succeed.

The business world of today has become increasingly competitive and highly demanding; to achieve success your brand needs to be seen and it must be known - because let's be real, consumers don't tend to buy from brands that they don't know exist.

The formula is simple...

*More visibility equals more potential customers, which means more sales for you and more people who can refer your business to others*

If you don't have the urge to scroll down and discover the '7 PR tools to increase your brand's visibility' just yet, Success With Ease provides a few reasons as to why visibility is so important:

👉 The more your prospective customers see, hear, and read about you, the more you are seen as an expert.

👉 When people see and hear what you have to say, chances are, they’ll check out your website. Now there's an opportunity to convert these visitors to customers!

👉When your prospective customers are ready to purchase what you offer, staying visible will ensure you are at the forefront of their mind, so they buy from you and not a competitor.

👉Visibility also attracts affiliates, partners, and joint ventures, therefore serving you with potential brand-growing opportunities.

Convinced? I hope so, now for the 7 PR tools to get you started...

1. Prezly

Prezly is a PR software built with public relations and communication teams in mind. The tool allows enhanced communication with stakeholders while improving the effectiveness of newsrooms, outreach, content management and much more.

"Why Prezly?"

We were thinking the exact same thing, luckily the Prezly team created a section on their website to inform us of exactly that! 👇

Sounds like the perfect PR assistant, doesn't it?

Big-name brands such as Audi, Estee Lauder and IKEA, all signed up to the clever platform to reap its benefits, allowing them to increase their visibility, drive stakeholder conversations and keep up with influencers.

If you want to find out more, you can book a demo with the Prezly team here.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool made for (but not limited to) digital marketing professionals, it offers various toolkits on the subject of SEO, advertising, social media, content marketing and competitive research, all of which can massively contribute to increasing your brands' visibility.

But what is it that SEMrush actually does?

Ultimately, it is an SEO tool that does your keyword research for you, tracks the keyword strategy used by your competition, runs SEO audits and identifies backlinking opportunities. These features will aid you in developing an effective marketing strategy so that you can generate more traffic to your website, therefore increasing visibility.

SEMrush dubs themselves as the ‘World’s No.1 Marketing Tool’ and we can see why, with over 5,000,000 users worldwide and multiple awards up their sleeve such as the best SEO suite by the US Search Awards 2019 and the best digital tool by the Interactive Marketing Awards 2019, they are unquestionably recognised as experts in the field.

At the moment, the company is offering a 7-day free trial, so it is definitely worth giving it a go and discovering how it can impact your business.

3. Canva

Canva is an online design tool that allows you to create expert content personalised to your business; the tool offers a range of stock photographs, photo filters, free icons, shapes and fonts.

As well as this, you can discover over 50,000 editable templates for virtually anything you desire, ranging from informative infographics and flyers to quirky Facebook and Instagram posts.

Designing brilliant content through tools like Canva will allow you to increase visibility for your brand; HubSpot explains that this is because "Content helps you attract, engage, and delight prospects and customers, bring new visitors to your site, and ultimately, generate revenue for your company."

And the best part is...

IT IS COMPLETELY FREE (as long as you don't require Canva Pro😅)

4. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service, launched by the search engine company Google back in 2003.

This one is very straightforward, simply tap Google Alerts on your search bar, log into your Google account and you will reach the page below 👇, here you can type in the name of your business, your name or any other word or phrase you think would be beneficial to monitor.

Now, the tool will send you an email when it finds new results such as web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, or scientific research that matches your user terms; this acts as a free and effective form of media monitoring. An example of how you can use this for increasing brand visibility is by sharing the web results to broaden the audience.

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a powerful online tool that enables businesses to work smarter by enabling them to view content insights so that they can generate ideas and create high-quality, trendy content that resonates with their audience.

To expand on this, imPACT explains a few valuable ways that you can incorporate BuzzSumo in your marketing strategy:

👀 Find whats getting shared on social media

BuzzSumo identifies what is being shared on popular social media platforms, allowing users to recognise and use trends to adapt their content so it engages their audience and increase their visibility.

🗣️ Find influencers who can share your message

In the selfie-taking, Instagramming and video-miming age that we live in, it has become apparent that influencer marketing is one of the best ways of increasing brand visibility. BuzzSumo makes this simple by providing insights on who is talking about what!

📈 Analyse data and trends to create high-performing content

Similarly to Google Alerts, BuzzSumo allows businesses to monitor their mentions and coverage in the media. However, the tool takes media monitoring one step further by provides insights within multiple timeframes so you can track and analyse trends.

6. Mention

Next, we have Mention, a social media and web monitoring tool that enables brands and agencies to leverage media monitoring and social media to increase brand awareness.

Mention clarifies that by tracking a brand, competitor, or industry topic on their platform, you can efficiently compare and analyse online conversations, enabling you to create content based on important social and web insights.

Basically, you can use Mention to monitor who is mentioning your business, enabling you to stay alert, track key sources, prevent a crisis and watch your news spread.

7. Cision PRWeb

PRWeb has been around for over 20 years, helping companies boost online awareness, drive website traffic and reach new customers.

In simple terms, PRWeb assists you in creating a compelling story which will then be delivered by their 'industry-leading' distribution network to websites, industry-specific journalists and bloggers, search engines and across social media networks.

Hereafter the tool provides comprehensive reporting so it is easy and simple for you to calculate ROI and optimise your communication strategy accordingly.

Here is a little insight into what the PRWeb site states about businesses and how the tool can benefit them...

That sums up the 7 PR tools we recommend in order to increase your brand's visibility. I hope these tools can help you minimise your PR workload or (at least) make your job that bit easier so that you can broaden your audience and increase brand awareness✨

Please leave me a comment below, I would love to find out what PR tools you find useful to increase visibility. Are there any that I have mentioned that you have decided to use?

Would you like to learn how to create content to share on your social media as well as with journalists so you become more visible, more credible and more influential?

Sign up for 30 days for free!

About the author

Jasmine is a Public Relations assistant at the High Profile Club. She is currently completing a BA degree in Marketing with Public Relations at London South Bank University and has a keen interest in PR and the fashion and communications industry.

After growing up in Hampshire, Jasmine decided to move to London in order to pursue her career aspirations and work amongst some of the most established thought-leaders in the world of public relations and communications.

Find Jasmine on LinkedIn here.

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