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7 Healthcare Marketing Tips To Attract More Patients And Grow Your Practice

Good marketing is an essential tool for the growth of any business and the healthcare practice is no exception to this rule.

You need a good Healthcare marketing plan too. Although a lot goes into running the healthcare practice, you have to be focused on putting the patient’s care first. It's not an easy task and requires a lot of effort, time, and quite often a financial investment.

In this post, we’re going to take a close look at 7 healthcare marketing tips that are effective in attracting patients and growing your practice.

1. Know your target audience

To attract more patients, you need to know the specific demographics of the region where your practice is located. Details like age, gender, location, and occupation will influence your specific marketing strategies and channels.

Use CRM software to manage your interaction with current and potential customers and to track your patients and providers network.

Analysing this kind of data will help you get to know your target audience and organize the best marketing campaign that will provide results.

2. Use Visuals

Visual stimulation grabs the attention of a person much quicker. Rather than simply listing details, you can create visuals that will be more appealing to the potential readers.

According to Health Facilities Management, major innovations within the visual communications space are changing the way information is distributed, experienced, and shared within the health care sector.

So, make sure to use consistent high-quality images that will help you present your vision and mission properly. Including a photo of each member of your staff with a short bio is a great way to present your team to potential patients.

3. Stay Active & Responsive on Social Media

Social media is becoming one of the main touch points between a healthcare facility and its patients. It's a great way to build relationships with your patients and continue to work on that rapport even more.

Patients will want to follow their doctors on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date if you’re sharing great information that can benefit them.

Making your patients feel comfortable and relaxed is a crucial part of healthcare, and social media can be key.

4. Leverage Patient Reviews & Testimonials

When it comes to building trust quickly and growing your list of patients, patient reviews and testimonials could perhaps be the most effective tool you can use.

People take it seriously when they are looking for a new physician or a neurologist to help them treat a neurodegenerative disease or other conditions they have.

They would love to read and watch testimonials because hearing from other patients about how you helped cure their ailments, managed their condition, or even diagnosed it when no one else could, which is a great selling point.

5. Optimize Your Local SEO

Optimize your location-based keywords like “London cardiologist” in addition to setting up a Google My Business profile. The latter is crucial for local search. Many patients will use these when trying to find a physician close to their location.

The previews tip, reviews, and testimonials are also going to help you with SEO traffic if people leave reviews on Google. And that is an incredible asset.

You may want to set up campaigns, for example, that only show up for users who are within a thirty-minute drive from your office. More people that are willing to actually convert will see your ad, and fewer wasted clicks.

6. Expand Your Services

You should consider expanding the services you offer if you want to grow your practice.

For instance, if you have more elderly patients, you can provide facilities offering help or various activities suitable for their age, and recommend them. The more services you offer, the greater the interest of potential patients will be regarding your practice.

But make sure you have the equipment and the staff that meet your high standards, and the expectations of your current and future patients.

As stated by Better Health, some services and supports that you could include are:

🟣 Aged care services

🟣 Alcohol and drug programs

🟣 Support for self-help

🟣 Mental health programs

🟣 Outreach services

7. Educate people

Patient's appetite's for information about health-related issues are insatiable. What you could do is post regular blogs on your website that will educate people about health issues that they care about.

You could also write articles in your community newspaper on health-related topics. You can position yourself as an expert in the community on health issues of your choice, or even a medical or dental consultant on your local radio and TV station.

Check out our recent post featuring 5 Ways To Get Media Coverage As a Health Professional.

As a conclusion, healthcare isn't the easiest field to be marketing in. However, creating accessible, relatable, and credible campaigns along with marketing content will help you nurture trust and relationships with potential and current patients.

We hope that with these tips you can grow your practice, and it makes it easier for your target audience to find your content.

Would you like to learn how to create content to share on your social media as well as with journalists so you become more visible, more credible and more influential?

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About the Author

Peter is a Spanish Marketing Intern at Profile High Club. He studies a BA in Business Management with Marketing at London South Bank University. He is passionate about traveling, and loves learning and discovering new things. Peter, having grown up in Spain, can speak 2 languages fluently, and hopes to improve his French very soon.

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