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7 E-commerce Marketing Tools To Increase Your Website Visibility

My vision is to build an e-commerce ecosystem that allows consumers and businesses to do all aspects of business online – Jack Ma

The above quote was said by Jack Ma when he built Alibaba. In no time, the website boomed in revenue, and even Jack Ma hadn’t expected this much success. It revolutionized the buying pattern and consumer spending in China. This was the effect of just one e-commerce website. 💪💪

In 2017, e-commerce was responsible for $2.3 trillion sales, expecting to double to $4.5 trillion in 2021. Now do you see the potential in e-commerce? With increasing reliability, online buying is bound to thrive. Sooner or later, all business ranging from startups to major brands, will have to go online.

Today, we will be exploring the tools that are helpful and necessary for your e-commerce

business marketing. These tools require no effort in increasing visibility of your website. ⭐⭐

Mobile Monkey Social Media Advertising

To gain visibility, advertising is a must. But does all kind of advertising yield fruitful results? The answer is NO. ❌❌

Social media advertising is an effective type of advertising for e-commerce websites. Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, are goldmines for marketers. Ads on these platforms are powerful as they differ from the normal saturated ads. This is because it is targeted advertising. Potential customers are targeted based on the data retrieved from them. 😎😎

Mobile Monkey is a tool which manages your social media advertising campaigns. It helps

you design attractive ads and markets it on social media platforms. This tool is extremely helpful and simplifies your social media marketing campaigns.

Read this blog here to know how to increase social media engagement.

Spently – Email Automation

Name an e-commerce company that doesn’t use email marketing as part of their marketing campaign. None! Absolutely none! All the companies use email marketing to gain visibility among a wider audience. 📧📧

Meet Spently. Email marketing is a grueling job made easy by Spently! This gem allows you to customize Shopify email notifications, automate post-purchase follow-up sequences, recover abandoned carts, and has product marketing tools that gives product recommendations, discount codes, etc. to generate repeat purchases. 🌀🌀

This tool is paramount for e-commerce business marketing as it heavily increases online visibility.

Tapcart – Mobile Application Builder

Having a mobile app eases the buying process for consumers. Even you know that, right? I have seen many entrepreneurs wanting to build an App, but dropped the idea because they think it is too complicated. ☠️☠️

What if I tell you that you can design an app within no time? Yes, you heard it right! Tapcart is the masterpiece which simplifies the mobile app building process. You can design your favoured app for your company. This tool enables non tech-savvy marketers to build their personal branded iOS and Android apps for your online store. 😎😎

Having an application eases the buying cycle for consumers. Keep your app easy to use and attractive. This improves your visibility and credibility.

Carro – Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is best suited for e-commerce. It has high success rates in this field. 💪💪

This is where a brand gets the opportunities to go viral. Influencers have a wide effect in their particular niche. When an influencer buys one thing, the rest follow. This trend significantly improves visibility.

Carro simplifies your influencer marketing campaigns. The app enables you to discover potential influencers in your field. It then analyses how many people an influencer must have interacted with. ✅✅

This tool helps you identify your most influential customers. Also, it reaches out to them to ask for reviews and feedback. So sign-up now and be ready to thrive.

Loyalty Programs – LoyaltyLion

Brands value loyalty, and it is extremely difficult to get loyal customers. Years of good service and products result in satisfied customers. When good service extends to best service, that is when transformation from customers to loyal customers take place. 🤴🤴

These loyal customers are highly valuable as they bring huge revenue for the company. Therefore, it is imperative to manage them.

If you wish to widen your visibility, you need to increase your loyal customer base. This is when LoyaltyLion comes into action. It is a tool specially built for e-commerce websites. It helps you identify your loyal customers, and it tells you from which customers you are getting most inquiries, likes, shares, comments, reviews, etc. ✨✨

After this, you can incentivize your loyal customers to retain sales.

Texting Base – SMS Marketing

Many people would think that the days when SMS were the lead form of communication are long gone. But no, you are wrong. SMS are still effective when it comes to marketing and increasing visibility. 🏆🏆

Let me introduce you to Texting Base. The main aim of this tool is to establish connections with your target audience, and follow up with them personally until they are ready to buy. It allows scheduled messaging, personalized SMS, and contact management. It also lets you manage your contact’s birthdays and anniversaries in case you want to give them special offers; a famous tactic used by e-commerce retailers. ⭐⭐

However old it may be, SMS marketing is efficacious, as people tend to read messages in their text inbox.

Trustpilot – Product Reviewing

Reviewing is an important process in running a successful e-commerce website. But gathering reviews requires effort. Right? Well, not after you’ve gone through this tool. 🙂🙂

Trustpilot is a popular reviewing software which builds up trust with your customers. With this tool, companies can send out emails asking their customers to review them for their service and products. These reviews are directly uploaded to Google. 👌👌

All these marketing tools are very effective and can be extremely useful for e-commerce websites. They increase your visibility and yield fruitful results. So what are we waiting for? Let’s sign-up with all of them and get ready to roll!

Would you like to learn how to create content to share on your social media as well as with journalists so you become more visible, more credible and more influential?

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About the Author

Siddharth is a Business Management student at London South Bank University. He is an avid reader and a content writer on various business aspects. Studying in London and raised in Gujarat, India, he speaks 3 different languages. He holds interests in sports, fitness, army and defense services, philosophy, business operations, marketing, and is passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. He is a writer and contributor for High Profile Club. Find Siddharth on LinkedIn here.

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