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7 Digital Marketing Tools To Raise Credibility

If you’re a good marketing person, you have to be a little crazy – Jim Metcalf

We are living in a new world. Gone are the days when you would open a shop, and completely ignore the internet. Online marketing is the new form of marketing. It is laden innumerable potential if used correctly. ⭐⭐

Marketing demands creativity. In order to do that, you’ll need creative tools. From the vast ocean of tools available, I’ve separated a few tools that would be an elixir for your business. You may be familiar with some of these, but all the marketing tools stated here are very efficient and would make your digital marketing campaigns dead easy. 🙂🙂

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So let me introduce you to the 7 digital marketing tools that would raise your credibility.


Billions of emails are sent every day! This highlights the prime importance of email marketing. Credibility increases as you become more visible in your field. But the important question is, how you are going to manage sending out emails everyday to each one of your customers? 🤔🤔

That’s where Mailchimp comes into action. Mailchimp is one of the top email marketing provider in the world. With this, you can build email lists and automate your emailing campaigns. It also offers testing, opimisation, and analysation for your marketing campaigns.

This tool is best for startups as it offers a free plan until 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

Do not bombard your customers with continuous emails. This would slay your credibility and it won’t take too long to land into user’s spam box. ❌❌

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When it comes to digital marketing, HubSpot is a company’s top choice. This is an all in one marketing tool that manages your sales, CRM, and marketing campaigns. It spares no effort in building credibility for your brand. ✨✨

It helps you with creating effective content, managing SEO campaigns, social media management, lead management, and much more. This gem also analyses all your marketing efforts and tells you where you lag and where you excel.

It offers various plans for your varying needs. This tool is perfect to handle your digital marketing campaigns. 👍👍

Visit this article to learn more about HubSpot.


Another key role in building credibility is played by posters and banners. The ability to attract your customers’ attention with posters and banners decides the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. More attention is directly proportional to more influence; and this is directly linked to credibility. Therefore, creating spectacular posters, images, or banners is a must. 😎😎

Canva is a tool through which you can easily create stunning images for your social media sites. It is very easy to use and can produce attractive images without any extensive graphic design skills. Add this images to your blogs, social media sites, or marketing campaigns to sparkle up your content.

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There is no denying that social media has the potential to bring boatloads of credibility for your business. No matter how small your business is, social media is the ultimate platform that cannot be ignored. 👍👍

In this modern world, social media marketing is highly effective. You can post pictures, add promotions, participate in conversations, partner with influencers, and reach out to the wider audience. But you need some tools to manage all these tasks for you. Hootsuite is one such social media management tool that effectively manages your online presence. ⭐⭐

When you rely on this tool, your social media marketing will be paramount.


KISSmetrics is more of an analysing tool. It tracks, optimizes, and analyses your digital marketing performance. It shows you what’s working and what’s not. This masterpiece helps you make better decisions by optimizing your current digital marketing strategies. ✅✅

Without looking at results of your marketing strategy, you will never know the flaws in your campaigns. Therefore, it is vital to reflect on your current strategy to come up with a better one. ✨✨

KISSmetics enlightens you with deep insightful knowledge of your brand’s marketing strategies.

Visit this blog to learn KISSmetrics's key features.

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO is a tool which helps you immensely in your SEO campaigns. It offers a complete backlinks audit, keywords research tool, content optimization tool, competitor’s data, comparative audits, daily rankings updates, and much more. 📊📊

It is an SEO toolbox that offers in-depth SEO analysis for your brand. Conducting SEO campaigns is vital for your brand. It strengthens your images and helps you gain credibility for your company. 🏆🏆

Therefore, start using Cognitive SEO from day one.


This tool is the Godfather of all tools when it comes to internet marketing. Basically, SEMrush is a software that is a service company that provides marketing analytics software subscriptions. 🤴🤴

It eases and magnifies the reach of your online marketing campaigns. It carries out keyword researches, analyses of your competition, runs a SEO audit of your blogs, tells you of any back-link opportunities, and much more. It conducts research in every field related to marketing and provides you with invaluable information.

So what are we waiting for? Let us get our digital marketing rolling! 💪💪

Online marketing is difficult but necessary. You are inviting great destruction for your brand, just by not using the internet. Therefore, start now, explore these apps, and be ready to thrive!

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About the Author

Siddharth is a Business Management student at London South Bank University. He is an avid reader and a content writer on various business aspects. Studying in London and raised in Gujarat, India, he speaks 3 different languages. He holds interests in sports, fitness, army and defense services, philosophy, business operations, marketing, and is passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. He is a writer and contributor for High Profile Club. Find Siddharth on LinkedIn here.

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