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7 Creative Ways To Use Social Media For PR

We all use social media for general news updates, to connect with friends and family, or to find new employees. But are you tailoring your social media towards PR in the most effective way possible? Even if you think you are, there’s always room for improvement, and perhaps these 7 creative steps are all you need. 🤞

👉 1) Image

A simple way to use social media for PR is to present yourself creatively. Although profile pictures should meet a certain standard of professionalism, there is room for creativity in other online imagery. (If you need help with your headshot look at our helpful tips on GuidedPR).

One method is to experiment with your header found on platforms such as Twitter, especially because it has 330 million monthly users according to Statista! You could find an appropriate stock photo, or perhaps even take your own. If you’re based in London, something as simple as the skyline can add that creative edge to your profile. If you work in a creative industry, such as graphic design, you can take this further as a header is a bold and unavoidable promotion of your skills.🎨

❗Top Tip: Make your profiles across all platforms cohesive, use similar imagery to present the best branding for you as a person in and your company.🥳

👉 2) Be There

Even if you run a business that does not involve creativity in the day to day, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote yourself in a way that is refreshing for your followers.

LinkedIn is the most obvious platform to be on as a small business, and perhaps you have had Facebook for years and occasionally post updates. But do you have an Instagram account? Did you know that in 2018 brands uploaded an average of 0.7 posts to the social platform every day? If this is news to you, there are additional apps that can work as tools when using these platforms, many of which are discussed in this helpful Hootsuite blog.

You might be under the impression that Instagram is filled with models and influencers with fake content and false advertising, but it is a unique and fast-growing platform. In fact, it is extremely useful for marketing, especially as the platform has over one billion active monthly users, according to Sendible.

Instagram also forces you to be creative through the use of photography and even helps you along the way through filters, editing tools, and the story function which also allows affiliate links and other promotional aids.

👉 3) Connect

It may seem obvious, but connecting with anyone of value is essential when building your platform. Although this does not mean connect with every person recommended to you...

One simple improvement that can be made is to build a relationship via your social media with business associates such as journalists or potential clients before, and after, working with them. 👏

❗Top Tip: Not everything can be said in a formal weekly email, it is important to show that you are still human.❤️

👉 4) Update

There are obvious and necessary ways to update your social media – career change, promotions, new employees, rebranding and so on…

But sometimes the creative updates are the ones that are best for higher SEO (if this is a new term for you, don't worry, read this Wikipedia page to get started). For example, use photography to promote a product in a new way, or share another company’s marketing strategy that you admire.💭

If it is all about you there is only so much to be said, and often your profile says enough (especially if you have followed our guide😊), so why not get creative and branch out of your comfort zone.

👉 5) Create your own content

We all know the more you post, the more your online presence increases, but are you hiding behind the share button?🚫

To be unique is to be creative, and by writing your own posts and creating your own imagery you are putting something out there that doesn’t already exist, which is a rare find online these days.

Why not try using videos?🎥 Here is our advice on how to get started!

👉 6) Know the right people...or find them!

You may be apprehensive about young influencers who have found success on Tik Tok, and I am not suggesting they are the best way to promote your new property business, but someone else might be able to help you.🙌

Partnering with successful influencers to increase your visibility online is a quick and easy way to put you and your company out there, without relying on others to share your posts.

❗Top Tip: Knowing the right people in real life is how to improve business connections, so treat your online platform the same way.💬

👉 7) Give back

We all use social media to promote our business and personal lives, but don’t be a selfish social media user, give back to the community. 🙌

This might be as simple as replying to a comment rather than liking it. Or even better, be the first to comment on someone else’s post. Don’t make everyone come to you.👎

Once you have successfully built your platform, consider discussing wider social issues, promoting charities, or spreading awareness for those in need. If you need help taking this step towards using your social media for