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7 Creative Ways For Tech Startups To Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media has been the largest disruptor in the world of marketing. Today, almost every brand aims to build relationships with their audience, rather than using social media as just a platform to sell their product.

Running a successful brand constantly involves creativity in social media. Create content that is unique and provides styles that captivate and engage your audience!

This is because almost everyone is on social media. Most brands are overexploiting ads on social media and users are overwhelmed and tired of seeing constant ads on their pages.

Now you know that you depend on creativity on social media to survive, we list seven creative ways to improve your social media engagement.

Build a community

According to Wikipedia, community marketing is a strategy to engage with an audience in an active, non-intrusive manner which aids conversations with the customers too.

Being part of social media communities will help you:

Promote your startup

Receive market feedback

Interact with industry influencers

✅ Perceive the needs of existing customers

A great example of a social media community is Facebook groups, where users can join the group and post their thoughts on a wall, and interact through discussion threads.

These groups and pages offer businesses and organizations different ways of reaching their audience.

Once you have the group running, find ways to provide value to those who engage with your brand.

Post about current events

Keeping up with what is going on in the world will never let you down. Use the recent pop scandal to your advantage, or post about favourite summer holiday destinations. Whatever it is, join in trending events to stay in tune with current events and stay in the minds of your target audience.

You can ride the wave and get a bit of action, even if you did not start it.

Ask creative questions

The best way to engage a conversation is by asking a question. It is important to note that the secret lies not in the question, but in the way you deliver it to your audience. Questions like “What’s your name?” or “What’s your email?” probably won't work.

Angie Gensler states out several types of questions to ask on social media:

What if...?

If you could...?

This or that?

What's your favourite...?

Would you rather...?

Social media is about being social, so ask questions to help increase engagement through more likes and comments.

Look for a bigger cause to support

When it comes to emotional content, we can all agree with the fact that it is more effective than something that is just rational and factual. A social cause is the ultimate emotional incentive.

Your users might be more interested in promoting your brand if you have a bigger message to share. Mentioning a cause and building up an association helps the common good and at the same time promotes your brand. Kill two birds with one stone! 🐦🎯

But make sure you are fighting for something you care about! Users can smell falseness easily.

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