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6 Tips For Small Businesses To Write Powerful Press Releases

Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad – Richard Branson

Let me ask you a question. If you had one penny left to spend on your business, where would you spend it? I’d recommend PR. Public relations is very fragile but an imperative aspect of business. The ways of issuing press releases is being revolutionized with the rapidly digitalizing world. 😎😎

Ten years ago, people relied only on printed newspapers for news. Now, these primeval ways are being ruled out by the new innovative platforms. Today people are scanning headlines on Instagram, Twitter, and various credible sources for news and press releases. People now have complete control on what, when, where, and how they see information. 💪💪

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This is why you need to write powerful press releases to get noticed among the vast majority. So sit tight, and soar through this beautiful journey of writing powerful press releases.

Attractive Headline

Headlines creates the foremost impression of your article. ⭐⭐

Your title should immediately grab the reader’s attention. That is what the perfect headline is. To the point that information is always appreciated by readers. It simplifies your headline and amplifies your message.

Convey a promise, information, merger or new product launches through your headline. So keep it short, sweet and simple. Use attractive font style and size as well. 🎨🎨

Headlines should not be misleading. It should directly relate to your article. An ideal headline is 42 to 60 characters long. Here are some examples of effective headlines of press releases of major companies.

Canva: Canva Raises $40M Round to Earn Unicorn Title

ModCloth: ModCloth Breaks Up With Black Friday

Apple: Apple Adds Earth Day Donations to Trade-in and Recycling Program

There are tools available to generate effective headlines. Visit this blog to learn more about them.

Stunning Introduction

A powerful press release is made by having a powerful introduction. When the headline grabs attention, the introduction keeps the readers’ attention. The main challenge is to make it interesting, and at the same time informative. This is where you win or lose. 🏆🏆

Learn the art of storytelling. It keeps the attention of your readers, and they are likely to enjoy it and read it further. So, tell a story. Use action verbs, and be comprehensive.

You can also start with some interesting quotea which resonates with your article. This too is an effective way to make your intro interesting. ✨✨

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Newsworthy Content

A press release is an official announcement that a company issues to the news media. One grave misconception about press releases is that people think it increases publicity. Please, please, please, do not make this mistake. It will make your content land in trash cans. Only issue a press release if you think your information is newsworthy. ✅✅

If you wish to make an announcement, introduce new products or services, publish surveys and research, announce mergers, or any other things that is worthy to publish, then a press release is your go-to. However, press releases can sometimes be fatal if used for publicity stunts. 😬😬

Use press releases as a medium to establish emotional connection with your audience. That is the mantra for success.


Has it ever happened to you that you read a full article but didn’t learn a thing? Yes,

this has happened to me many times and I remember how the company image depleted in my mind. That is the perfect definition of a useless publicity article. ❌❌

To give your press releases a satiable touch, you need to provide detailed information on the topic you’re speaking about. Answer the magical questions What, Why, When, Where, and How. Do not leave anything unanswered. ❓❓

Trust me, no one wants to read a press release which leaves doubts in reader’s minds. Therefore, my tip – answer the golden questions of What, Why, When, Where, and How.

Eye-catchy Media

The chances of your article getting noticed shoots up with the usage of marvelous eye-catching images. Images makes it easy for people to read your press release and makes it more effective. You need to have a relevant image that has the 'wow' factor for your content. This takes your press releases to a whole new level. ✌️✌️

Can you manage to provide a video as well? Yes? Great! If a picture is a shark, then video is a whale! Videos get a great deal of attraction as they are interesting and time saving.

Therefore, usage of images and videos is highly recommended. 👍👍

Visit this blog to learn to create stunning, eye-catching images.

Contact Information

Give all your contact information at the end of your press release, in case your customers feel the need to contact. This goes towards your credibility. Providing your contact details gives a message that we are ready to answer your questions in case of any doubts. This gives an impression of a responsible company. 🤴🤴

After this, follow up with the customer at all times. Promptly reply to them, position yourself as an expert, and be ready to win everyone’s heart.

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Now that you’ve got the master tips about issuing powerful press releases, what are you waiting for? Go out now and write one of your own. 🙂🙂

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Siddharth is a Business Management student at London South Bank University. He is an avid reader and a content writer on various business aspects. Studying in London and raised in Gujarat, India, he speaks 3 different languages. He holds interests in sports, fitness, army and defense services, philosophy, business operations, marketing, and is passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. He is a writer and contributor for High Profile Club. Find Siddharth on LinkedIn here.

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