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5 Ways Social Media Has Changed Public Relations

Social media. One of the biggest influences in the digital age of which we live. Even if you aren’t on social media, you know what it is. Social media now isn’t only for personal use, as businesses all over the world connect with clients and potential customers on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, so it only makes sense that it is used within the world of PR. Journalist Samantha Saenz discusses this here.

Statistics show that 92% of Instagram users say they have followed, viewed, and even made purchases from brands they have seen on their feeds. Also, 1.95 billion of Facebook’s 2.5 billion monthly users are reached by ads. So, as you can probably figure out, social media can be vital in gaining visibility.

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1. 24/7 Communication 📲

Social media never closes. Unlike shopping in person, you can connect and shop with businesses 24/7 through your social platform, providing solutions for problems such as global time differences. If you have clients on the other side of the world, they can still get to you out of working time by viewing your online profiles. You can read another good blog that discusses this on PR Daily.

2. Bigger Platforms = Bigger Audiences 👀

This one kind of goes without saying. The bigger the following you create online, the bigger your presence. This can be quite difficult to achieve with just a website, whereas now you are able to put yourself out there on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even more. This means that your connections are able to grow organically. Before, it would have been constant email communications/setting up meetings, but now, anyone who wants to follow you, or your brand, can.

3. Instant views 💻

The average person between the ages of 16-24 spends an average of 3 hours a day on social media. This statistic alone shows just how quickly people will view your content. People can even turn on their notifications to get notified instantly every time you post, allowing them to know exactly when you are posting. This is much quicker than waiting for them to decide to browse your website to see what you’re up to.

4.Personality 😛

While you always want to retain a level of professionalism, you can have more fun with your social media accounts. You can read our advice on how to take the perfect headshot for your profiles on our blog. This is a platform where you can get creative and show off your brand personality through your posts and stories. It also means that you can build up more personal relationships with clients. By doing so, you can show yourself to be more than just a business owner behind a screen. The personal aspect of showcasing your personality can lead to more views, and thus, a growing of your platform.

5.Speed 🏃🏽

Social media is a very quick form of communication, sales, and promotion. Due to this, there is no need for lengthy waiting games when considering email communications or responses. Similarly, with the instant views, content can be posted as quickly as it can be received. Because social media is used so much, even in one day, people can view your profile at any time, again, extending your views outside of working hours. People may be out for drinks on a Friday evening and still have time to view your profile and make contact.

There are so many benefits of using social media in the PR industry. Although there are 5 listed here, there are still many more to consider and you can read further here. So, putting the time into building an online brand, not only on a website but with social media, accounts to build your visibility.

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About the Author:

Courtney is a PR assistant and content creator trainee for GuidedPR. She has 7 published articles in her university's newspaper, The Founder, about lifestyle. She has also created her own blogging website where she reviews books, music and lifestyle products. She has a BA in English Literature from Royal Holloway and is starting an MA in News Journalism.

View her LinkedIn here.

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