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5 Types of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

It is easy to see how big-name companies explore their video marketing options when they have a big audience base and a set public perception/purpose. They have wiggle room to have successful content to boost their sales (or whatever they are trying to accomplish) as well as not-so-successful content that may not hurt them too badly. The tricky part of being a startup business is that when it comes to public relations and video marketing specifically, one has to be a bit more articulate in the content they create to penetrate and influence a higher percentage of a likely smaller audience base. On a quick side note, check out our recent blog post on how to reach your target audience here.

Now, before anyone gets too discouraged and down in the dumps, the story gets better! By having a clear strategy and utilizing proper types of video marketing, your small business could catch the eye of the consumer beyond what you could even imagine!

But wait, the story gets even better. I am going to give you a kick start, as you can probably tell by the title, with 5 types of video marketing for small businesses. Before we get started here and if you’re a little curious as to the importance of video marketing in general, Boosted has a great section on the benefits of video marketing and StartUs Magazine has 5 cut & dry reasons to utilize this tool.

Now, buckle your seatbelts, it's time to get goin’.

1. Product Videos

Number one on the list is sort of a ‘no-brainer.’ Small businesses use these videos to show different products or services, the styles within them, capabilities, etc. They are supposed to show the consumer what they could get out of it. Product videos generally see the most success as they are shorter, to the point, and most of the time, what the customer is looking for in video form.

2. Brand Videos

Every company needs to push its brand every chance it gets. Through strategic video marketing, a company can efficiently show who the brand is and what they and their culture is all about. These can be anything from sensitive subject campaigns to employees testifying how they feel about the brand they represent. Have a read here giving you 7 ways to boost your brand with video marketing

Check out this great example by Dove:

3. Customer Testimonials

Speaking of testimonials, employees aren’t the only ones who can show how they feel about the company in front of a camera--customers can too. And in many cases, it's ideal! Nothing looks better for a company and a brand, especially small businesses, then showing, in visual video, one or eight 😉 of the company's valued customers providing a positive testimonial on their experience.

4. Educational Videos

With certain companies, education videos can be very beneficial for customer attraction and influence. These are usually as simple as creating content to help the viewer/customer become more familiar with the subject. Rialto Marketing gives a great example that digital marketing agencies may create videos on content marketing. Here at GuidedPR, we believe deeply in educational videos and just content in general.

5. Company-Specific Clips

Coming in at number 5 on my list of types of video marketing for small businesses is sort of a jumble. This is where things like FAQ videos can fall. Beverly Boy calls this “Gain Traffic.” Perhaps your company would like to give an inside look to one of your operations, a promotion you are having, etc. This is also where I like to throw in instructional videos for things like a new product that may not be clear on how to use. Anything that is specific to the company and can be beneficial to the viewer in a visual manner, can fall in this section of video marketing.

Whether you are looking to grow your small business on a figure basis (Forbes has a great read on Marketing ROI for video marketing here) or on a visual and influential basis, video marketing is a great way to go. By using these basic 5 types of video marketing, any small business can find itself down the right path.

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