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5 Tools Small Businesses Must Use For Better Content Marketing

“Content marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.” – David Beebe

Content marketing is the only form of marketing in the 21st century. You want your business to thrive? Yes? Then you need to market it properly through content marketing. It is a difficult, but worthwhile, job. ✌️✌️

Behind an award winning content, there are many tools which make it possible to come up with such an outcome. If you want to succeed, you must be aware of the tools available that can ease your workload and enable you to generate creative ideas. It is more working smarter rather than working harder.

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So what’s the wait for? Here are 5 amazing tools that will definitely help, if not guarantee, your success in content marketing. However, in the end, everything depends on you. As it is famously said, it’s all about the wizard, not the wand! 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️

BuzzSumo – Analyse Your Industry

When it comes to content marketing, this tool is a masterpiece, as it gives you all the relevant information needed to create engaging content. ⭐⭐

BuzzSumo throws light on the type of content that is the most shared on the internet. This way you’ll know what topics you should give more importance to. You want to maximize your reach? BussSumo helps you find relevant influencers in your field so you can collaborate with them. It tells you what content they share, their reach, and their influence.

This tool is also best used in tracking your competitors. It notifies you whenever your competitor publishes a post, and it analyses the reach and effectiveness of their content. It helps you understand if that respective content is a threat for you or not. This way you’ll know your strengths and flaws. 💪💪

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HubSpot – Social Media Management

Social media is a goldmine for marketers. It is through these platforms that your content gets publicity. To get desired results, you need to include social media marketing in your content marketing campaign. 👍👍

HubSpot schedules your posts, manages the likes, comments, and shares. You can also analyse your brand mentions and conversations. Through this, you can see where your customers mention you and how they see your brand. HubSpot also enables you to reply to your customers when they ask you questions related to products or services. 🙂🙂

Other than social media monitoring, HubSpot offers other tools helpful in your content marketing campaigns. Therefore, you can use this tool at its fullest.

Grammarly – Unmistakable Content

If you have included blogging or issuing press releases in your content marketing strategy, then Grammarly is a must have tool for you. It reduces errors and mistakes in your blogs. ✅✅

No one appreciates blogs or articles laden with spelling or grammatical errors. It leaves a bad impression and ruins your brand reputation. Your blogs would be difficult to understand, and soon, would start having inverse effects.

Meet Grammarly. This tool completely rules out your spelling mistakes and improves your tone. If English is not your first language, then Grammarly is a savior for you. There are chances that simple errors can be missed by human eyes. Grammarly rules out the necessity of having an editor and delivers greater results. 🏆🏆

This is a highly effective tool that saves you from all the embarrassment!

Canva – Stunning Visuals

How will you grab your audiences' attention? You may have a fantastic content but no one directly starts reading articles. So how will you get your audience to read your content?

Well, it is through images that people decide to read an article or not. Visuals are processed way quicker by the human brain than text. Images create the first and foremost impression of your content. Get them right and your whole content seems right. 💫💫

Canva is one such tool which enables you to create stunning and spectacular images for your content. Use your creativity and come up with the most beautiful picture in the world. There are no bounds for imagination with this tool.

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Trello – Stay Organised

Content marketing is a team job. When the efforts of all the team members are put together, that’s when spectacular content is born. But it is difficult to manage all the communications within the team members. Right? No, not really when you use this gem! 💎💎

Trello makes it dead easy to collaborate with team members and work in the most effective way. You can create boards, lists, and cards, after which you can add the team members in their respective tasks. Members can notify you when the tasks are completed, and they can also leave messages for each other.

This is a great tool to schedule content writing, posting, and sharing. So let’s go and take advantage of this platform. ⭐⭐

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Content marketing is not at all an easy job. It takes constant dedication and hard work to finally come up with effective content. I suggest to use all these tools to ease your content marketing job. So go, grab all of these!

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