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5 Steps To Build Trust Using PR

✨ To build trust with your consumers, you should first put your trust in PR. ✨

Yes, yes you can 👀

Whilst this might be silly question to answer, I'm going to discuss WHY trust is important within new businesses. It seems obvious, but the more trustworthy you can be, the more likely it will be that your clients/consumers will reuse your services. Who doesn't want loyal customers? As stated on Small Businesses Marketing tools, one question consumers will always ask is "do I trust them enough to do business with them?", you can read their blog here.

So let's address how PR professionals can help you build relationships filled with trust and confidence with your clients and customers.

1. Be Honest

One of the biggest tips you well get from a PR pro is to be honest within your marketing campaign. Being honest, both in business and just in day to day life, is one of the most effective ways to build trust. Also be honest with your PR team!

The more we know about you and your brand, the more we can pitch you for perfectly suited features which further prove your expertise.

2. Be Personal

As well as being honest, you should also be personal. Whilst you do want to maintain a professional tone, you can spin this to still show your personality. This then shows that you are not just a computer screen, and that there is a person who is wholeheartedly attempting to engage with their audience. When you make the process more personable, your clients are going to have a much nicer experience when using your services, which is going to make them trust you and come back again.

3. Be Committed

Commit to PR. Commit to your marketing. By ensuring you devote time and resources into PR and your marketing, you can showcase all of your knowledge, expertise and personality in order to build up that all important trust factor. As well as building trust, it was simultaneously build your credibility. So show that commitment!

One of our jobs as PR pros is to get you features in the media, and nothing says credibility like industry publications endorsing your work/knowledge, right? so PR really is worth committing to if you want to raise brand awareness, we will ensure you appear as trustworthy as you are! ✨

4. Customise Communication

A big thing within your marketing strategy is figuring out how you are going to communicate with your audience 🗣.

For this, you should ensure you know who your target market is and figure out your marketing around this. For example, if you are targeting 20-30 year olds, social media is your best bet. If you chose an engaging way to communicate, this again shows that you are trustworthy as you have gone the xtra mile to consider all the minute details which comes with running a brand.

You can read more about communication in Crenshaw Communications blog post.

5. Consistency

💥 I think I've probably discussed consistency in my past 5 blog posts, but that's because it really can't stress its importance enough.💥

Constantly producing top notch content on websites, blogs and social media is such a simple way to establish your brand. You can use these platforms to showcase features, testimonials and all things which are going to help you build this trust between brand and client. As well as this, it shows how much you care. I personally think that if I saw sheer hard work and determination a brand was putting into its blogs and socials, it would definitely install more trust into me. Your PR pro will guide you through how you should style present your features within your content to maximise the consistency of your brand. When this is done and ready for your customers to see, guess what comes next? Trust, trust and some more trust.

For a little more on this, you can head back over to the GuidedPR blog and read Evie's post, How To Build Brand Trust Through PR. And if you want even more, here's another blog post from Egg Marketing.


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About The Author:

Courtney is an editor, copywriter and PR assistant for GuidedPR. She has 7 published articles in her universities newspaper, The Founder, about lifestyle. She has also created her own blogging website where she reviews books, music and lifestyle products as well as conducting interviews. She has a BA in English Literature from Royal Holloway and is starting a MA in News Journalism.

Find her on LinkedIn here.

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