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5 Key Things Every Small Business Website Should Have

Small business owners no longer have the option not keep up with changing technology. For any business it is essential that they have a good website. This is the same for businesses that only have a local customer base or who have no intentions of selling online. There are many purposes to having a website, it is more than just a digital catalog for your company. Having a website can help your company be found by potential customers online. It also demonstrates that you are a modern company that understands the value of being online. Here are five things every small business should have on their website.

A Strong Home Page

The homepage is the most important part of any website. It makes the first impression and should tell the online world exactly what your business is about. It should clearly communicate your brand and what your business is about. This means there should be a logo and a description of exactly what your business does. It should also have a navigation menu to make it easier for users to find other pages on your website. It is also important that it i mobile phone compatible as most people own a smartphone and may be looking at your website through that.

User-friendly navigation

Looking further at the navigation menu, it should be easy for your site visitors to locate it. The categories on it should be logical and clear for your site users. If people have difficulties navigating your site it could turn off potential customers, and lower your website traffic. It’s important to carefully structure your website and make sure it is clear what your business sells, where it is located, and the hours of operation.

Trust Elements

A key part of your website is to build trust between your site visitors and your business. This can include things like logos of your current customers, or even testimonials. It should be easy to find on your homepage and can really make a difference to potential customers. Showing your website visitors that you are a company they can trust is really important.

FAQ Page

The more you engage with customers the more you will understand the type of information they are looking for from your business. You might have common questions that customers ask you about in regards to your product or services. If you have a page on your website that has frequently asked questions and answers it will make is easier for customers to find the detailed information they are looking for. It might even save you from having to repeat answers to customers over and over again.

Search Features

When you have a search box is useful and adds ease to the navigation of your website. Customers may not always find what they need in the navigation menu so having place type in keywords or phrases will be useful to them. When they type in the search box they will be shown relevant content or pages to visit. But this comes down to how much content you have on your site that addresses all the possible keywords. The more content the more beneficial the search box becomes.

Having a website is an affordable and effective way to expand your online presence and reach potential customers. Although it needs a few crucial elements to make it effective. If you incorporate the five elements above, it will bring your customers directly to your business helping you make more sales.

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