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5 Engaging Video Content Types that People Love to Watch

At GuidedPR we are strong advocates for video content as a form of digital marketing and we have often written about the benefits of using video to engage your audience.🎥 But where should you begin? Every business is different and therefore needs a unique marketing method.📊

This is why we have compiled a list of 5 engaging video content types that people (including your future customers) love to watch.❤️

First of all, it is important to know just how influential video content can be. According to Single Grain:

‘93% of companies claim they got a new customer because of their video content on social media.’

So why not continue reading and find out how to get started with video content for your business❓

If you want to start at the beginning with making video content on specific social media platforms, take a look at our previous blog post.🔍

1) Interview 🗣

If you’re new to making online content, or even putting your personal profile out there with your business, why not start simple.👍

By getting someone to interview you, as the owner of the company, it shows your audience how involved and dedicated you are to the quality of your product/service. This is also often referred to as a Q&A, which is a small step into video content producing that is as easy as answering questions for your followers.🙌

Don’t just take it from us, Vogue’s 73 questions series on Youtube has gained huge success by interviewing celebrities beyond the traditional format, and has gone on for three seasons!🤯

2) Product Promotion 💰

Maybe putting yourself in your content isn’t the direction you want for you and your business, and that makes sense for a lot of companies. But something that is important for any marketing scheme is ensuring the product or service being promoted is authentically advertised.👍

This could come in the form of a promotional video displaying the product/service in use, or perhaps an honest review video from an unbiased individual.😀

It might be hard to find this person, so Uscreen suggests to:

‘Try giving influencers a sample, trial, or freebie and asking them to share their thoughts in a video.’💭

3) Live video 📱

Although a live video could still be a Q&A or product review or even just a casual discussion, it allows for less structure and your audience can engage with your content in real time.🕑

Many platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok have live video features, which also often includes giving your followers a notification for when you and your company go live.🎥This is a great way to show your human side as a business owner and give your audience a chance to use to the chat and ask you questions directly. Don’t be afraid, take the leap and go live!

Are you new to social media? Not sure what Tik Tok is? Don’t worry, we’ve got a helpful guide introducing you to the app and all that it can offer.👈

4) Behind the Scenes 🔐

Talking of introducing your audience to your business in a relaxed way, behind the scenes videos show the production and inner-workings of your business and can involve introducing team members and showing off office/warehouse space.

Not only is this of interest to your current and future customers as they will know where your product/service comes from, but this can be a great method of hiring new team members and partners for your business.👏

Top Tip: There are many great platforms to use for video, but undeniably Youtube is the place to start making and sharing video content, and especially because it has over 2 billion users

Why not take a look at our GuidedPR video content on Youtube to get an idea of how we tailor our content to our business?

5) User-generated content 😊

Biteable argues that one way to get into video content is to leave it to someone else, and who better than your own audience!

‘Let your loyal fans do some of the legwork by sharing some of their own content. You can hold a contest to gather user-generated content, reach out to influencers, or look out for videos your fans have posted organically.’

Top Tip: Video content doesn’t have to be high-resolution and professionally filmed to be something people love to watch, some of the best promotional videos have been filmed on an iPhone. 📱

And this is exactly how Apple advertise their own product, by filming on the iPhone to show off what it can do, and how you can use their product to do the same thing! Business Insider explored the history of Apple’s marketing and highlighted how in 2010:

‘To advertise the iPhone XR's display, Apple used color in an inventive way by having hundreds of parkour athletes running, jumping, and combining into a visually stunning crowd.’

So now that you have some helpful video content ideas, why not get started with yours today? And if you need help getting your content out there, we can help with that too!

Start creating compelling content to share with journalists and on your social media channels. Try for 30 days for free! Sign up with one click!

About the author:

Kate is a Public Relations Assistant and Blog Copywriter Trainee at GuidedPR. She has recently graduated with a first class honours in a BA degree in English Literature and has a keen interest in online journalism. Kate is a creative at heart and wants to become a professional editor or marketing expert in the book publishing industry.

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