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5 Email Marketing Tools for Tech Founders

Email marketing is crucial for tech entrepreneurs in order to make their brand visible and successful. It is also the most powerful way to communicate with an audience who wants to hear about you.

Email marketing makes things easy for people, as it gives them login details, receipts, etc.

For email marketing to be successful, it must include a mixture of eye-catching visuals, great copy writing, an email list of your consumers, and most importantly, the right email marketing tool to help carry it out.

Email marketing services have different features as well as different prices. Here you will find 5 marketing tools for tech founders.


Source: MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services on the internet. MailChimp is the only tool that comes with a free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers, and you can upload your subscribers and send emails for free.

According to YourStory, the platform adopts a simple and minimalist interface that allows an ease of navigation through the features of the site. The platform offers easily understandable features to help carry out successful email marketing such as email automation, customizable templates, reports and analysis, and contact management.

In 2017, MailChimp was named one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies; and in the following year, Mailchimp ranked 11th on the Forbes Cloud 100 list.

Constant Contact

Source: Constant Contact

Recognized for providing email marketing services since 1995, Constant Contact has focused on modifying the features of its services over the years. It is also the easiest to use, as well as it being a beginner-friendly email marketing service.

The overall navigation of the platform is straightforward and allows ease of use for users to complete their tasks comfortably. Like any other email marketing service, Constant Contact offers customizable templates, contact list management, reporting features, and all other essentials needed for email marketing.

Users can get a 2 month free trial, and if they decide to continue using it, they have the opportunity to choose from a variety of packages.


Source: SendInBlue

When it comes to giving users essentials such as customizing templates and contact management, the SendInBlue is the best deal around.

It allows users to create a space for combined workflow in areas such as email marketing, transactional emails, SMS marketing, transactional SMS, and marketing automation. The platform is also friendly with social media platforms and allows users to create and manage ads that can be sent directly to Facebook.

SendinBlue offers marketing automation, email campaigns, transactional emails, SMS messages, chat, CRM, Facebook ads, and re-targeting ads.

According to Medium, it is an extremely easy to use platform with excellent tools to create beautiful and highly engaging emails. Their simple drag and drop email editor is perfect for beginners with no experience in email marketing.


Source: Global Ranking Solution

AWeber, with a simple interface and plain text emails, is one of the oldest email marketing services. Aweber has high-reputation email servers that have built trust with the email ISPs over the years. This helps them get very high delivery rates and open rates for your email campaigns.

According to Wpbeginner, Aweber offers a free trial, and their pricing starts at $19.00 for up to 100 subscribers (with unlimited emails), and goes up in increments that max out at $149.00 for 10,001-25,000 subscribers. All packages come with unlimited emails and if you have over 25,000 subscribers you can inquire with Aweber about a customized package.

✅Drag and drop editing

✅List building tools

✅Audience management

✅Email reporting and tracking

✅API integration

✅HTML templates

✅Sign up forms for your website

✅Integrate RSS

✅Subscriber tracking and segmenting


✅Autoresponder follow-ups

✅Mobile app

✅Integrates with Paypal, Leadpages, and WordPress

Convert Kit

Source: ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a platform for professional bloggers, authors, and marketers. With ConvertKit, you can easily segment subscribers into those who are interested and those who have already purchased.

Also, it offers email-based support and has an extensive knowledge base with great learning material. ConvertKit keeps the focus on the conversation and doesn’t encourage you to add fancy designs.

Nathan Barry, Founder of ConvertKit, is a designer himself, and he has taken a personal interest in designing the user interface. ConvertKit’s unique feature is that it allows you to easily offer content upgrades and incentives with email signup forms.

ConvertKit offers a 14-day free trial, and their pricing starts from $29/month. They also offer a 30-day refund policy.

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