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5 Content Marketing Ideas For Business Owners

As a business owner, it is important to make sure your product/service reaches your target audience, and content marketing is a great place to start.

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of online material through various platforms in the hopes of stimulating interest in a company’s product or service. However, this isn’t the explicit promotion of a brand, and although it is often confused with blogging, there are many methods of content marketing.💭

Unlike blogging, content marketing involves a large-scale campaign, as opposed to a singular piece of written content. According to Media Vision, ‘Blogging aims to showcase a brand’s personality, while Content Marketing aims to create demand through useful information.'

However, the continuous production of free content associated with your brand, such as starting a blog to create this demand, can be considered a form of content marketing.🤯

Here are 5 other content marketing ideas for business owners:

1️) Partner with an influencer or celebrity 👉

Ambassadorships, partnerships, affiliate linking, etc. are all ways to use social media and the individuals who are prominent on a platform in combination with marketing for your business. Working with influencers or celebrities has been proven to successfully market products and services by using their established image to promote your company.👏

For more on using social media to boost your company’s image, take a look at our blog detailing how PR and social media work together.

2️) Email newsletters 👉

You may think of email marketing and instantly make a connection to the spam or junk folder. And in some cases, this is true. But a newsletter allows for far more content than the promotion of your own product/service alone. 📬

Take the New York Times, for instance. They offer a whole catalogue of newsletters you can sign up to receive on different schedules, specifically tailored to the content you’re interested in.

3️) Video Campaigning 👉

Whether this is through TV advertisements or on a smaller scale on platforms such as YouTube, video marketing allows for clear, targeted, and unique content. This is particularly effective if your business offers a service that might not be easily explained in a newsletter or written format.

One specific type of video marketing is a webinar. This is a live online event that is interactive and perfect for giving talks and lessons.

Using video is something we have tried and tested for you, so why not start by giving one of our webinars a watch

Top Tip: Make sure your content marketing makes sense for your brand. If you’re stuck on where to start, take a look at our blog that guides you through which tools are best for content marketing for small businesses.

4️) Podcasting 👉

Podcasts are a great way to promote your brand in a casual, yet informative, way as you can discuss wider topics whilst advertising your own product/service. According to Backlinko,

‘Just over the past year, the podcasting world grew from 18.5 million episodes to 29 million.’

So why not create your own podcast that is freely accessible on various platforms and doesn't require your audience to set time out of their day to listen! 👍

5️) One of a kind methods 👉

A unique example of content marketing is Coca Cola’s personal bottles and ‘Share a Coke’ campaign that began in Australia in 2011 and went viral, despite being the exact same product, just with a personal touch.✏️

Something as simple as offering personalisation to your product design can lead to a large increase in demand. However, this isn't feasible for smaller businesses at the start of their company's growth. So for many more types of content marketing, and more examples of various company’s successful campaigns, take a look at OptinMonster’s blog post.

Top tip: Don’t over-complicate your approach to content marketing! If you’re running a small business, start small and focus on increasing your outreach to potential customers.

If content marketing is something you feel you need further guidance on, don't worry, that's what we're here for. At GuidedPR we use AI technology to connect entrepreneurs and the media and guide you through the content production process. So why not sign up today❓

👉Start creating compelling content to share with journalists and on your social media channels. Try for 30 days for free! Sign up with one click!👈

About the Author:

Kate is a Public Relations Assistant and Blog Copywriter Trainee at GuidedPR. She has recently graduated with a first class honours in a BA degree in English Literature and has a keen interest in online journalism. Kate is a creative at heart and wants to become a professional editor or marketing expert in the book publishing industry.

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