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10 Health Industry Influencers In The UK

We thought it would be a good idea to list 10 of the most famous influencers and blogs operating in the Health space across the UK so that you can get to know them and get some inspiration from their content.

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock is a British politician serving as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care since 2018. He's also a member of the Conservative Party, and has previously served as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports in 2018.

Since COVID-19 was confirmed to have spread to the UK, during the pandemic, Hancock has been appearing in the media giving advice and announcing significant actions like social distancing and self-isolation.

In March, he delivered an update on COVID-19 testing targets and on government plans to write off £13.4 billion of NHS debt.

His Twitter profile.

Professor Chris Whitty

Chris Whitty is a physician and epidemiologist who works in public health, science policy, and clinical medicine.

He is currently a chief medical officer for England, a chief medical advisor to the UK government, a chief scientific advisor to the department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), and the head of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Chris is an epidemiologist that has undertaken research in the UK, Africa, and Asia. He's taking quite the initiative, especially now, considering the fact that we are currently suffering a pandemic (COVID-19).

Connect with him on Twitter.

Viv Bennett

Viv Bennett is England's Public Health Chief Nurse and the principal advisor to the government on public health nursing and midwifery.

Viv is a member of PHE’s National Executive, and as the executive lead for ‘Lifecourse Children and Young People’, she personally leads in priority on the PHE, ‘Giving every child the best start in life’.

Viv also advises WHO Europe on nursing and midwifery strategy. She is also a "social media champion", using blogs and twitter to connect with professionals, partners, and the public on health and well-being.

Connect with her on Linkedin and Twitter.

Helen Bevan

Helen Bevan is acknowledged globally for her expertise and energy for large scale change in health and care. She has been working for the NHS for over 25 years now.

During all these years as a change leader in the NHS, Helen has been at the forefront of many NHS improvement initiatives that have made a difference for thousands of patients and for the staff who care for them.

Helen currently leads the Horizons Team, which is a source of ideas and knowledge, to enable the spread of improvements at scale. This team excels at the role of emerging leaders, students, and trainees at the forefront of radical change.

Her Linkedin profile.

Dr Phil Hammond

Dr Phil Hammond is a doctor, journalist, broadcaster, campaigner, and comedian. He currently works in a specialist NHS center for children and adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME. He is also a presenter on BBC Radio Bristol and has been Private Eye’s medical correspondent since 1992.

Phil is Vice President of the Patients Association and a patron of Meningitis UK, the Doctors’ Support Network, the Herpes Viruses Association, Patients First, and Kissing It Better. He has also won awards for broadcasting, popular health journalism, comedy, and teaching.

His Twitter profile.

NHE | Healthcare News Blog

National Health Executive is the leading independent news brand for the UK health sector. They liaise with their audience, industry leaders, and influencers to understand health sector challenges and key objectives to report unique and exclusive news, comments, analyses, and best practice across multiple channels.

Across NHE's blog, you can find an assortment of opinions on health policy and NHS news from NHE’s guest bloggers, editorial board members, in-house reporters, and regular contributors.

Alastair McLellan

Alastair McLellan is a strategist, team leader, and business developer. He is an award-winning editor and manager with a significant track record in online and B2B media business and brand development.

He has been the editor of HSJ, since 2002. He has overseen the launch of the award-winning HSJ Intelligence and HSJ Solutions and the move to make HSJ a purely digital service. Under Alastair’s leadership, HSJ has been named specialist information service of the year three times since 2010.

His Linkedin profile.

Hugh Pym

Hugh Pym is a British journalist and author. He is currently the Health Editor for BBC News.

He also has been reporting politics, economics, public spending, and NHS finances for more than two decades. He is also the co-author of several books - his latest, Inside The Banking Crisis.

Here are his takes on the latest stories, issues, and debates in health.

Spectator Life

The Spectator was established in 1828 and is the best-written and most influential weekly in the English language. Their writers have no party line; their only allegiance is to the clarity of thought, the elegance of expression, and independence of opinion.

The writers' opinions range from left to right, their circumstances from high life to low life. None make any pretense at being impartial.

Their health category provides the latest and curated index of content including recent innovations in healthcare, research, and technology.

Their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and AudioBoom profiles.

Shaun Stafford

Shaun Stafford is a professional fitness athlete, entrepreneur, and body composition expert.

Shaun has been at the forefront of the fitness industry for well over a decade and known internationally as one of the world’s top fitness competitors, having won British, European, and two World Titles.

Shaun is currently the director of City Athletic London and amassed thousands of hours on the front line of body transformations.

Connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

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