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HIGH PROFILE Magazine focus on two main subjects: people and business.
We love stories of migrants, of people who move to a new country in search of love, work, professional, languages or any other meaning or achievement - as long as they are living abroad, we love hearing their stories. 

We had the honour of having my world-famous people on our cover... see our stars below. At the moment the magazine is published in:

In the London, UK
The magazine is produced
and published via
Visit the site here.

In the USA.
The magazine is published by One of USA's biggest news distributors.
Visit the site here.


The launch of the magazine was celebrated with a big party at the prestigious Institute of Directors in London, one of the Queen's buildings. Over 300 people attended the launch of the magazine, including all its members of staff and its editor-inc-chief Rafal dos Santos:

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We have been publishing the magazine since 2018, when we used to print and deliver the magazine in several points around London.
Since the pandemic, we decided to take the magazine to the digital world, so we use to publish the magazine on a monthly basis. At the moment we focus on the Brazilian market and the magazine is published in Brazilian Portuguese monthly. We also use video promote our covers, see below an example of a video-advert we use for the magazine:

Since September 2021 HIGH PROFILE has also become a radio show. In partnership with the director of Rádio Mais Brazil, Neto Brazil, the program High Profile airs every Friday from 2 pm to 3 pm, London time.

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